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The Asian Film Festival, Los Angeles Hollywood is a non-profit organization of the film industry in the United States, headquartered in Los Angeles, through various projects and activities, screening filmmakers around the world, filmmakers of outstanding works, help them to increase exposure, in the industry, docking resources.

The Asian Film Festival founded by Asian Film Festival Committee and American International Chamber of Commerce, we are international non-profit organization with offices in Los Angeles, New York, Beijing and other cities. Commissioners, writers & directors work with Asian Films because we know how to support creative people & deliver visionary films & television drammas.

The American International Chamber of Commerce has been a dedicated partner of Asian countries on diversified economic and cultural development and exchanges from the since the establishment in 1990. In keeping with our long-term commitment, we encouragement and recognition that support from Asian entrepreneurs and investors, filmmakers ’s creativity and production and build strong, each institutions, production companies and studios will lead to greater economic opportunities in film industry for all Asian countries.  

The AFF, Asian Film Festival is dedicated to strengthening Asian and Hollywood film and culture exchange and collaboration, promoting innovative development in film industry and fostering creativity in filmmaking in the world.

We believe film also in the future of Asian same as Hollywood as well. The American International Chamber of Commerce and Asian Film Festival reiterates its unwavering commitment to working with all Asian countries in film industry as they build a A brilliant, rich and successful future. We send our warmest wishes for continued prosperity and success of Asian Film Festival in the years ahead.

Asian Film Festival

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Adam Schiff 亚当 · 席夫

/ / Member of Congress 国会议员

Judy May Chu 赵美心

/ Member of Congress 国会议员

Katheryn Barger 凯瑟琳·巴格

/ Supervisor,Los Angeles County 洛杉矶郡郡长

Hilda Solis 希尔达·苏丽丝

/ Los Angeles County, First District Supervisor洛杉矶郡政委员,美国前劳工部长

Holmes Stoner 霍姆斯 斯托纳

/ Chairman, AFF Committee,AFF亚洲电影节委员会主席

Jason Quin 秦嘉豪

/ AFF Committee, Executive Chairman, AFF亚洲电影节委员会执行主席

Leith Eaton 利兹·艾顿

/ AFF Committee, Co- Chairwoman, AFF亚洲电影节委员会共同主席

Stavros Nikolakopoulos 达沃· 尼古拉考波洛斯

/ AFF Committee, Vice Chairman, AFF亚洲电影节委员会副主席


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