Nila and Holly cannot be more different- Nila is from Kerala, India and Holly is from California, US. Having never met each other, they are separated by two continents, two cultures, two languages and two lifestyle- in short, nothing common. Well, perhaps except their dreams. They both share a similar kind of dream- to get out of their country and explore another world. But while facing the society pressures and preconceived ideas, both ladies have to realize what is actually stopping them from achieving their dreams.


  • Uma Kumarapuram: Director
  • Nicole Donadio: Director, Women of Wall Street (Short)
  • Uma Kumarapuram: Writer
  • Nicole Donadio: Writer, Women of Wall Street (Short)
  • Uma Kumarapuram Producer
  • Nicole Donadio: Producer,Women of Wall Street (Short)
  • Anna Jaller: Key Cast “Holly Morgan” Please Come With me, Puninspired, Right Hand Man
  • Apoorva Bose: Key Cast “Nila Menon” Hey Jude, Pakida, Pranayam, Malarvadi Arts Club
  • Sreeram Ramachandran: Key Cast “Anand” , Kasthuriman, Uyare, Thattathin Marayath, Orayiram Kinakkal
  • Darin Toonder: Key Cast, “Shawn” Get Shorty, Nashville, June Adrift, NCIS
  • Muthumani Somasundaran: Key Cast “Gayathri” Pretham 2, Uncle, Parole, Ramante Edan Thottam
  • Krishna Smitha: Key Cast “Aanya Jahore” Life In Pieces, Teachers, Silicon Valley, Inhumane