In 2023, the fifth Los Angeles Asian Film Festival Golden Diamond Award nominated films include the United States, China, India, Japan, Kazakhstan, Iran, Canada, Indonesia, Iraq, Thailand, China Taiwan and Hong Kong and other countries and regions, a total of 100 film works were nominated, 20 film works and 2 special awards won the Golden Diamond Award.

“thanked the international film community for participating in the opening and closing ceremonies, film screenings, forum meetings, promotion discussions and the Golden Diamond Awards ceremony of the 5th Asian Film Festival in 2023,” Speaking at the Golden Diamond Awards ceremony today, Holmes Stoner, President of the Los Angeles Asian Film Festival, ” that as an open international film culture and art platform, the Asian Film Festival welcomes cooperation with the film industry of various countries, relying on the business resource background of the American Chamber of International Commerce, the theme of the Los Angeles Asian Film Festival, including industrial parks, content cooperation, derivative development, as well as film production and distribution, education and training, special investment and other diversified all-round cooperation.”

The Golden Diamond Awards winners of the 5th Asian Film Festival in Los Angeles in 2023 are listed below:

Best Feature, “The Vacation Show”, China
Best Foreign Language, “Heaven’s Beat”, China
Best Documentary, “Tranformation”, USA
Best Director, Junli Hadadou, “Allure”, Japan
Best Script, “The Promise Land & Promised Love”, USA
Best Short Film, “Repudiation”, India
Best Animation,” Always & Forverer”,
Best Actor, Rockmond Dunba, “I Envy You”, USA
Best Actress, Eleanor Lee (Singapore), “Her Last Day”, China
Best New Media Film, “Heart Sutra: An Augmented Reality Installation”, USA
Best Documentary Short, “Grandma Sings Arirang”, USA
Best Student Short,” Her Last Day”, China
Best Child Actor, Branden Lee, “Birthmark of the Sky’, China
Best Student Director, Tenglin Peng, “The Land of Nowhere”, China
Best Producer, Xiao Bai Tarr, “People Power – Stop Texas Bill Targeting Chinese Immigrants”, USA
Best Music, Atsushi “Toya” Tokuya,”The Last Passenger 55min Version”, Japan
Best Cinematography, Nate Cornett,” Above the Clouds”, USA
Best Production Design, Belkis Alvar and Alexis Lebron, “A Confessional”, USA
Best Special Contribution Award, Jiewu Mao, China