Today, The Committee of Asian Film Festival Los Angeles announced that the Asian Film Festival 2023 Gold and Diamond Awards will be held on December 19 at the Sheraton Los Angeles San Gabriel. At that time, there will also be the 35th Miss Asian International Global Finals to add a unique style and colorful memorable night to the award ceremony.

“This year’s Golden Diamond Award nominations bring together the most representative works from the world’s best filmmakers, which is refreshing and memorable. We are very much looking forward to the day of the awards ceremony. We welcome the filmmakers and fans of the previous and current Asian Film Festival to join us and look forward to seeing you again,” said Jason Quin, Executive chairman of Asian Film Festival Los Angeles.

The Asian Film festival Los Angeles consists of two parts: festival days and screening pools in 2023. During the festival, selected films will be screened on festival days as well as during the screening pool days. Additionally, the Asian Film festival hosts special screening events throughout the year all across Hollywood Los Angeles.

The full list of nominees is below.

Best Feature
“Khwabeeda (Dreamy)”, India
“The Vacation Show”, China
” Above the Clouds”, USA
“A Zebra-Riding Boy”, China
“No New Wave”, USA

Best Foreign Language
“For The Sake of Ava”,  Iran
“Heaven’s Beat”, China
“Allure”, Japan
“Wounded Psyche”, Iran
“You Were Promised to Me”, Kazakhstan

Best Documentary
“Transformation”, USA
“Dalinor Lake”, China
“Yangtze River-The Race”, USA
“People Power – Stop Texas Bill Targeting Chinese Immigrants”, USA
“Why to teach”, China

Best Animation
“Kilig!”, USA
“Always & Forever”, USA
“Bless You”, China
“What They Left Behind”, USA

Best Short Film
“Eatversity”, Japan
“Zero Coordinates”, Iran
“SCAM”, China
“Repudiation”, India
“Alikija”, Iran

Best Director
Weiqi Cai, “End of Summer”, USA
Junji Hanadou,”Allure”, Japan
Xionghao Jin,” The Vacation Show”, China
Takashi Horie, ” The Last Passenger 55min Version”, Japan

Best First Director:
Xiaotian Fan, Juzhi Chen,”A Zebra-Riding Boy”, China
Peter Takla, “The Last Turn”, USA
Jon Hill, “Above the Clouds”, USA
Ziwei Yao, “No New Wave”, USA
Feng Gao,”Heaven’s Beat”,China

Best Actor
Hironori Katayama, “Allure”, Japan
Rockmond Dunbar, “I Envy You”, USA
Saleh Shahbazi, “Zero Coordinates”, Iran
Junchen Guo, “A Zebra-Riding Boy”, China

Best Actress
Rumi Koizumi , “ALLURE”, Japan
Eleanor Lee, “A Zebra-Riding Boy”, China
Tolganay Talgat, “You Were Promised to Me”, Kazakhstan
Qing Xue, “Puppy of a Bitch”, China
Isabella Billik, “OH SH!T“, USA

Best Documentary Short
“The Weeds”, USA
“Palette of Progress: Feicheng Through My Grandfather’s Eyes”, USA
“Vegetarian Exploration”, China
“Grandma Sings Arirang”, USA

Best Child Actor
Hexuan Guo, “The Vacation Show”, China
Bohan Yue, ” “The Vacation Show”, China
Bingze Chen, “Autumn Rain”, USA
Branden Lee, “Birthmark of the Sky’, China
Aidan Li,” End of Summer”, USA

Best Student Short
“A Better Man”, USA
“Be Water, My Friend”, USA
“A Confusing Truth, A Comforting Lie”, USA
“Heather’s Voice”, USA
” Her Last Day”, China

Best Student Director
Taige Shi , “Reconnect”, USA
Cat Cao, “Good Company”, USA
Jessica Schlimme, “A Confessional”, USA
Tenglin Peng, “The Land of Nowhere”, China
Daniel Xue, “Northeasterly Wind”, Canada

Best Production Design
Amy Tiong, “No New Wave”, USA
Hossam Allam, “Khwabeeda (Dreamy)”, India
” Above the Clouds”, USA
Belkis Alvar and Alexis Lebron, “A Confessional”, USA
Yang Jie, “The Vacation Show”, China

Best Cinematography

Yingnan Zhong,”Puppy of a Bitch”, China
Liang Shao Wen, ” No New Wave”, USA
Jang Dohun, “The Vacation Show”, China
Nate Cornett,” Above the Clouds”, USA
Andrzej Bartkowiak,” “A Zebra-Riding Boy”, China

Best Music
Yao Shuo, “
The Vacation Show”, China
Ashish Ali,”Khwabeeda (Dreamy)”, India
Daniyar Kenesbayev, “You were promised to me”, Kazakhstan
Jeff Rona, “A Zebra-Riding Boy”, China
Atsushi “Toya” Tokuya,”The Last Passenger 55min Version”, Japan

Best Short Film Director
Fon Davis , “Rock Inn”, USA
Mohab Adam and Rafid Butrus, “We Want a Homeland”, Iraq
Natthasak Jaithita, ” Traction”, Thailand
Mike Chaturantabut,”Reign”, USA
Martian Angjaya,”The Lion’s Whip”, Indonesia

Best Producer
Xiao Bai Tarr, “People Power – Stop Texas Bill Targeting Chinese Immigrants”, USA

Best Script
Mohammad Abedi, “Howl”, Iran
Sanya Kongdara , “The Promise Land & Promised Love”, USA
Jim Carroll , ” The Pickleball Killer”, USA
Gang Chen,”Three Generations of Women Under Half the Sky”, China

Beat New Media
” Heart Sutra: An Augmented Reality Installation”, USA