Cage is the story of the transformation of a nationalist and macho man, defeated by the system, trying to heal the traumas of the war in his soul with other wounds, in the graveyard of the orphans, against the backdrop of a misty, cold and poor Istanbul.

Burak, who grew up in orphanages, is a former MMA cage fighter who lost his squad in the region where he voluntarily went during his compulsory military service and became a veteran by being injured on his face. Returning is not easy for him as he experiences post-traumatic stress disorder. He is thrown into loneliness and cannot establish a healthy relationship with himself or the outside world. Society does not show him the respect he thinks he deserves. Burak, who cannot hold on to life, withdraws himself by avoiding everything about war, violence and struggle, leaving his cage-fighting career completely and moving away from that environment. He is experiencing economic difficulties and tries to continue his life by trying to sell the cats he breeds in cages.

Burak lives in a hovel in a poor neighborhood with his friend Veysi from the orphanage. Veysi is a grumpy dwarf who plays small roles in series and movies but has great ideals.

Burak’s lover Ahenk is a young woman who is a dancer and choreographer. She has a long and troubled relationship with Burak. Ahenk complains of the disorder and irresponsibility of Burak. Burak does not want Ahenk to dance.

One day, all breed cats of Burak, except one, die as a result of an infection. They cannot pay their accrued rent debts and become homeless with Veysi. As a last resort, they take refuge in the fight club of Cemal, Burak’s former coach.

Cemal tries to persuade Burak, who does not want to participate in cage fights, to participate in an exhibition fight, but he does not accept this fight despite the difficult conditions he is in, but Burak feels humiliated when Ahenk sends him money to help him and accepts the fight. The system pushed Burak to the battlefields again. Although this fight is a simple exhibition match, it goes very harshly. During the fight, his opponent Ertan dies from a heart attack.

Burak, who thinks he caused Ertan’s death and feels a great deal of remorse, finds out that Ertan has a 13-year-old daughter named Defne, who is now an orphan.
In order to become a foster family for the girl, Burak and Ahenk get married, legal procedures are overcome, and they become a foster family for Defne.

Although Burak is normally a Category B fighter, he decides to participate in category an extremely dangerous cage fights to offer a good future to Defne, who does not know the truth about her Father’s death. Burak, who finds his purpose, starts to respect Ahenk’s purpose and effort in her dancing career. He has difficulties convincing the fight organizer to participate in fights.
Burak’s path, who had no choice but to look for what the war destroyed on the battlefields, will be full of disappointments again.

People who have to make money off their bodies. A dancer who is a woman’s rights advocate, a little dwarf who’s an extra, but never gives up on his big dreams, an orphaned girl who feels the truth, but has no choice but to run away from it, and in the midst of it all, a broken ex-fighter who has no choice but to make way for the dead ends where the system is pushing him.


  • Cenk İzgören: Director
  • Cenk İzgören: Writer
  • Funda Belginer İzgören: Producer
  • Cenk İzgören: Producer
  • Cenk İzgören: Key Cast, “Burak”
  • Açelya Elmas: Key Cast, “Ahenk”
  • Murat Aslan: Key Cast, “Veysi”
  • Merve Ateş: Key Cast, “Defne”
  • Tayfun Sav: Key Cast, “Süha”
  • Ahmet Dizdaroğlu: Key Cast, “Ev Sahibi”
  • Ali Çoban: Key Cast, “Cemal”


  • Project Title (Original Language): Kafes : İki Savaş Arasında
  • Project Type: Feature
  • Runtime: 1 hour 23 minutes
  • Completion Date: March 11, 2022
  • Production Budget: 40,000 USD
  • Country of Origin: Turkey
  • Country of Filming: Turkey
  • Language: Turkish
  • Shooting Format: Digital
  • Aspect Ratio: 2.35
  • Film Color: Color
  • First-time Filmmaker

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