“The year 2020: the end of the world is just months away.”
A comet collision is about to destroy the human race in a few months. The three sisters, Ayane, Kanon, and Oto, who have been living separately for a long time, come to live together in Setouchi, their birthplace, after the death of their father.
Oto, the youngest sister, feels uncomfortable living with her sisters for the first time. Their concern for each other creates an awkward boundary, and they begin to grow apart. The more they become aware of each other, the more they misunderstand each other.

“The year 1999: the year Nostradamus predicted the end of the world”
Ayane and Kanon are elementary school students who live with their father after their mother died early. Their father seems to be thinking of remarrying. The sisters go on a small adventure to help Kanon, who is afraid of Nostradamus’ prophecy, but Ayane’s rebellion against her father’s remarriage leads them on a journey that takes an unexpected turn.

This is a story of three separated sisters who gradually become a family in a world where the comet is about to hit the Earth in just a few months. Two “end of the world” stories will be told in parallel: in 1999, the end of the century, and in 2020, the present year.


  • Takayuki OHASHI: Director
  • Akari TAKAISHI: Key Cast, “Oto”
  • Tomomi FUKIKOSHI: Key Cast, “Ayane”
  • Miharu TANAKA: Key Cast, “Kanon”
  • Takayuki OHASHI: Writer
  • Sho MINEO: Cast
  • Mizuho OHSU: Cast
  • Takehiko FUJITA: Cast
  • Harumi SHUHAMA: Cast
  • Kohnosuke HURUYA: Cast
  • Kurumu MORI: Cast
  • Myu TAKEI: Cast
  • Tomohumi HASEGAWA: Director of photography
  • Shiori KAMIKUBO: Music
  • Yuka NAGANUMA: Sound recording
  • Masato KOMAKI: Sound recording
  • Satomi SAMUKAWA: Sound recording
  • Mao Ohnuki: Makeup
  • Aoi HAYAKAWA: Makeup
  • Hironori HARA: Assistant director
  • Yoshiko WATANABE: Assistant director
  • OKAYAMA Film commission: Cooperation


  • Project Title (Original Language): とおいらいめい
  • Project Type: Feature
  • Runtime: 2 hours 30 minutes 30 seconds
  • Completion Date: March 31, 2022
  • Production Budget: 4,500,000 JPY
  • Country of Origin: Japan
  • Country of Filming: Japan
  • Language: Japanese
  • Shooting Format: Digital 4K
  • Aspect Ratio: 2.35:1
  • Film Color: Color