The life of an unscrupulous Chinese-American real estate agent is
turned upside down when he learns his estranged father has another family in a distant country.


  • Lei Jia: Writer


  • Project Title (Original Language): 另一个儿子
  • Project Type: Student, Screenplay
  • Genres: Drama, family
  • Number of Pages: 99
  • Country of Origin: United States
  • Language: English
  • First-time Screenwriter
  • Student Project

Writer Statement

In the four years that I lived in America, I paid close
attention to the Chinese community and learned about Chinese
Americans’ history. Many early Chinese immigrants came to the U.
S. after leaving their hometowns and families. They used their
efforts to make a fortune and established the Chinese community,
making the Chinese an important part of American society. Among
the many successful Chinese Americans, some filmmakers,
including Ang Lee and Wayne Wang, have told stories about
Chinese Americans and profoundly impacted me. I felt compelled
to speak to the people and conditions I have experienced firsthand
as someone who has spent years away from home. Therefore, I
wrote this script, THE OTHER SON. My story focuses on an old
immigrant and his two families – one in China and one in the U.
S. Through the perspective of the American son, he uncovers the
dusty past and understands his father’s pain.