THINGS ASIAN PARENTS DO AT SUPERMARKET, is a The eight-minute short film about chinese-american families has received a lot of attention from fans, and the 14th episode has already been viewed more than 927000 viewers on Youtube.

This film is short, humorous and funny. The story describes the daily life of a single Chinese-american family, the mother and two brothers, the differences of the two generation’s life philosophy and values, and a series of contradictions and frictions, which also reflects the warmth of family love and the caring relationship between the second generation.

The actress who plays the mother is Cici lau, who immigrated from Taiwan. She has been engaged in film performing arts for decades and has appeared in many Hollywood films.

Cici Lau said, that as a Chinese immigrant from Taiwan to the United States, playing a mother role, the joy, contradiction, friction and affection of the mother and two sons in daily life reflect the Chinese tradition of the previous generation of immigrants and the new generation of immigrants in the West. Every bit of social life.

Cici Lau said that the Asian Film Festival not only makes more Hollywood filmmakers pay attention to Asian countries films, but also focuses on the works of Asian American filmmakers and actors. Asian Film Festival is a very good platform and did a very great job. She received recognition and praise from the Asian Film Festival for the award this time in 2019.