Nov 7th – Beverly Hill, The 2nd Annual Asian Film Festival Los Angeles Golden Diamond Awards, hosted by AFF Committee announced nominees list ‪on Saturday Nov. 7th 2020, ‬in Maybourne Beverly Hill Los Angeles. The virtual festival ceremony will on official website and multimedia Channel.

AFF Hosts Virtual Asian Film Festival during COVID-19 Pandemic release with the continuing spread of the coronavirus, Asian Film Festival Committee reached out to the trade community virtually to keep industry engaged when it hosted its virtual Asian Film Festival Los Angeles 2020 between November 1st-14th, 2020.

“In the midst of this global pandemic and the vast challenges we’re all navigating, I really believe coming together in this way shows our collective commitment to continue our persistent, ongoing dialogue and candid discussions about the most pressing issues facing AFF and you, the film community,” said AFF Commissioner Chairman Holmes Stoner in his welcoming address on Nov 7th 2020.

Due to the challenges imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic, the 2nd Annual Golden Diamond Awards will not have a live audience or a red carpet. The Golden Diamond Awards and its production teams will adhere to safety guidelines.

Here is the list of the 2nd Annual Golden Diamond Awards of Asian Film Festival Los Angeles 2020 nominees:

Best Feature:
“Stowaways”, USA
“Irumbu”, India,
“In My Dream”, Turkey
“Depth of Pyaar”, Canada
“Sonata”, USA

Best Foreign Language Film:
“A Touch of Spring”, Canada,
“Like Father And Son”, China
“Execution Day”, Azerbaijan
“Present Still Perfect”, Thailand
“MEKONG 2030”, Lao

Best Documentary:
“Twinkle Dammit!”, USA
“More Than Miyagi”, USA
“Dream In Silence”, China
“Two Flage”, India
“Heart of Gold”, Thailand
“Rising Silence”, Bangladesh

Best Animation:
” Let’s Eat”, USA
“The Tale of Cuoi 2020”, Vietnam
” Gatcha !”, USA
” Take A Breath”, China
“My Tagalong”, Canada

Best Short Film:
“Song of the Crickets”, Swtizerland
“Dr. Daddy”, USA
“Hello From Taiwan”, USA
“I Want To Be”, Thailand
“The Kestrels”, Hungary

Best Documentary Short:
“Wuqiao Circus”, China
“More Women Leaders Needed Everywhere’, USA
“The Khe Sanh Peace Garden”, Vietnam
“Paerntal Guiidance Suggested”, USA

Best Student Short Film:
“The Speech”, China
“The Shadow Boxer”, UK
“Bathhouse Drummer”, China
“In”, South Korea
“What We’re Owed”,Australia

Best Director:
Nancy Hamilton , “Fire on the Ridge”, USA
Samuel Kiehoon Lee,, “Gyopo”, Canada
Xiao Dan He, “A Touch of Spring”, Canada
Bai ZhiQiang, “Like Father and Son”, China
Kevin Derek, “More Than Miyagi”, USA

Best Director Short Film:
Weisheng Yu, “Lust Day”, China
Tom Hand, “The Shadow Boxer”, UK
Haruna Tanaka, “Lifelike”, Japan
Jay Do, “À La Carte”, Vietnam
Mickey Lai Loke Yee, “The Cloud Is Still There”, Malaysia

Best First Director:
Zoe Ho, “Cacti And Weed”, Canada
Rayner Wang, “Circus Sam”, Japan
Leesa Gazi, “Rising Silence”, Bangladesh
Avdjin Kutakis , “Case 0013”, Russia
Dax Phelan, “Jasmine”, USA
Nelson Ng Chak Hei, “Magic Kingdom”, Hong Kong

Best Director Student:
Eris Zhao, “Landing”, USA
Kelvin Zhu, “Datura”, Canada
Beibei Xu, “Lotus”, USA
Wenqi NI, “Daemon”, USA
Jiawei Cheng, “Under The Flag”, USA

Best Script
Phillip Hollins,”Chusei (Allegiance) “, USA
Iman Davari, “Sleep No More”, Iran
Ensadi Djoko Santoso, “Whispers In The Wind”, Indonesia
Christopher Joseph Washington, “Klaus; Witch Killer”, USA
Kelly LaCombe “StarPeople: Our Evolution”, USA

Best Cinematography:
“Apart”, China Hong Kong
“Sholler’s Archive”, Azerbaijan
“The Six”, China
“Blind Mind”, India
“Rendezvous”, Japan

Best Editing:
“Invisible Man In The Mist”, China
“Knock And Rock ( Thatrom Thookrom )”, India
“Sky Bloossom”, USA
“Alan”, Spain
“Navras”, Germany

Best Production Design,
“Torinaoshi”, Japan
“The Sugar Grocer”, Turkey
“Between”, Czech
“Apart”, China Hong Kong
“In”, South Korea

Best Music:
“Depth of Pyaar”, India
“Blind Mind”, India
“Feel India”, Moldova
“Apait”, China Hong Kong
“Kikan – The Homecoming”, USA

Best Actor:
Keigo Oka, “Lifelike”, Japan
Ramesh Varma, “The 137 Auditions of Avrahaam”, India
Zhao Xuan, “A Touch of Spring”, Canada
Hui WangJun, “Father And Son”, China
Ryan Takemiya “Kikan – The Homecoming”, USA

Best Actress:
Zicheng Li, “A Sunburnt Summer”, USA
Nhi Do, “Hope And Grace”, Canada
Sofiee Ng, “Apart”, China Hong Kong
Jessica Park, “Trust Me”, France
Sahra Asadollahe , “Homa And Sisters”, Iran

Best Child Actor:
Bai Zeze, “Like Father And Son”, China
Sean Lee, “Like How I Remember”, Australia
Akshay Asopa, “Depth of Pyaar”, Canada
June CÁCeres, “Serfs”, Venezuela
Moditha Dabare, “Catharsis”, Sri Lanka

Best Child Actress:
Ireland Richards, “Landing”, USA
Vera Rottenschweiler, “Comrade Anna”, Switzerland
Olivia Tang, “Sometimes Never”, USA
Tiffany Frances, “Hello From Taiwan”, USA
Kea Rani Pal, “Bringing Schools To Where There Are None!”, Italy