n 2008, there was a widespread food safety incident happened in China. The incident involved milk and infant formula along with other food materials and components being adulterated with melamine. Since then, Chinese parents have lost confidence in Chinese milk powder and have chosen to buy milk powder from overseas. ‘Chinese Powder Hunter’ began to appear in various countries around the world. Po is an international student from China who studying in Australia. At the age of 19, he has a lot of unrealistic fantasies about the world and himself. Because of an unpleasant experience in his childhood, he hates fighting for anything. However, due to the conflict with his family, he occasionally relies on being a milk powder agent to earn living expenses. He cannot accept the fact that he is a ‘Powder Hunter’. Especially in front of Youqi Xu, the most attractive woman in his world, he can’t make such a clownism. In Po’s mind, Youqi is synonymous with beauty and mystery. For getting her love, Po can pretend to be a cynical artist who against the world every day. He thought that Youqi would fall in love with a male who have the characteristics of artist, even though he is not. (Need to be translated) Unexpectedly, the true identity of Youqi is a smuggler who has inveigled many male students like Po to buy and steal milk powder for her. With the deepening of this relationship, Po gradually became a tool for Youqi. On the first day of his 20th birthday, Po knew all the truth. Although he could do nothing about it, he eventually grew up at the end of this shell game.


  • Xingyu Zhao Director
  • Xingyu Zhao Writer
  • Heidi Liang Producer
  • Runnan Li Key Cast “Po”
  • Cassie Fan Key Cast “Youqi”
  • Peng Peng Key Cast “Peking Opera star”


  • Project Type: Short
  • Genres: Drama
  • Runtime: 14 minutes 21 seconds
  • Completion Date: September 18, 2019
  • Country of Origin: Australia
  • Country of Filming: Australia, China
  • Language: Chinese
  • Shooting Format: Digital
  • Aspect Ratio: 2.35:1 / 4:3
  • Film Color: Color
  • First-time Filmmaker

Distribution Information

  • Premiere Film
    Country: Italy
    Rights: All Rights