TIMOTHY, 12, is a boy having nightmares. SUSAN, Timothy’s mother, and GERARD, Timothy’s father, hire DR. LIVE, to help. In Timothy’s dreams a DARK ENTITY tells Timothy he can smell his fear. And scares him at night. Timothy’s brother, AIDEN, teases Timothy constantly and it hurts Timothy’s feelings, but Aiden loves his brother and thinks this will toughen Tim up. ALEOBE is an invisible friend that is always around Timothy and one day Aleobe shows his true self. He is a fairy who has watched out for Timothy since he was a baby. The family has a mirror and here is where Aleobe shows his true self to Timothy. It takes a while but soon Aleobe takes Timothy to where his is from, Partrum City in Mielikuvitis, and explains why he is needed there. The Shadowlands are a place where chaos reigns and darkness grows. Somehow the darkness took form and consolidated into a physical being whose power was beyond comprehension. Eventually three Partum Spiritus came to help the Brightlands and push back the Shadowlands. But now the Shadow is back and Mielikuvitis needs the help of the Partum Spiritus’ descendant, Timothy. SKY, a middle-aged man with dog features, he tells Timothy that his dreams are visions and they are real. They are messages from the Dark Entity that seeks to take over Mielikuvitis and the shores beyond. Timothy doesn’t feel like a hero because he does nothing to stop the bullies at school. Aleobe tells Tim that what makes him different in his world gives him power in Mielikuvitis. SUCATRAPS, an extremely old woman, prepares Timothy to meet the Elders who will help him train in defeating the Dark Entity and the Shadowlands. Later, Sucatraps tells Timothy to believe in himself and when he fails it is because he does not do this. Finally, after Timothy returns home Gerard finally tells Timothy he has been to Mielikuvitis many times and wants his son to tell him how it looks now . . . but only when he is ready.


  • Project Type: Screenplay
  • Genres: Family, Adventure, Fantasy, Action, Coming Of Age
  • Number of Pages: 114
  • Country of Origin: United Kingdom
  • First-time Screenwriter