“Homeless Sam and Sally – The Movie” is a new campy feature about a mother (Margaret Newborn) and her son (Tyrone Evans Clark) who happen to be homeless. They cope with their current situations with daydreams, being silly, and doing random stuff.


  • Tyrone Evans Clark: Director, Homeless Sam & Sally (TV Series),
  • Tyrone Evans Clark: Writer
  • Tyrone Evans Clark: Producer
  • Margaret Newborn: Producer, Homeless Sam &Sally (TV Series), Insecure (TV Series)
  • Tyrone Evans Clark: Key Cast, “Sam Silver”, Homeless Sam & Sally (TV Series)
  • Margaret Newborn: Key Cast, “Sally Silver ”, Homeless Sam &Sally (TV Series), Insecure (TV Series)
  • Max Aria Key Cast “The Red Face Creature Thing” Homeless Sam & Sally (TV Series),
  • Camille Calvin: Key Cast, “Susie”, Homeless Sam & Sally (TV Series),
  • Mehmet Edip: Key Cast, “Landlord – Josh”, Homeless Sam & Sally (TV Series)
  • Selene Rojas Alcover: Key Cast, “Beth ”, Homeless Sam & Sally (TV Series)
  • Romeial Hilaire: Key Cast, “Foolish”, Homeless Sam & Sally (TV Series)
  • Kevin Scarlett: Key Cast, “The Creature Thing ”, Homeless Sam & Sally (TV Series)
  • Mark Schaefer: Key Cast, “Officer – Stokely”, Homeless Sam & Sally (TV Series)
  • George Sepa: Key Cast, “The Creature Thing ”, Homeless Sam & Sally (TV Series)
  • Hariom H.M. Shukla: Key Cast, “Partygoer ”, Homeless Sam & Sally (TV Series)
  • I. Vega: Key Cast, “Rebecca ”, Homeless Sam & Sally (TV Series), Bernie Problems (Movie)
  • Darnell Baldwin: Key Cast, “Officer – Idris”, Homeless Sam & Sally (TV Series)


  • Project Type: Feature, Short
  • Runtime: 47 minutes 59 seconds
  • Completion Date: August 2, 2020
  • Country of Origin: United States
  • Country of Filming: United States
  • Language: English
  • Film Color: Color
  • First-time Filmmaker

News & Reviews

Director Statement

“I directed this film, Homeless Sam & Sally – The Movie, after experiencing homelessness throughout my life. For a long time a lot of people didn’t understand me during my hard times and I felt this would be the perfect way to express my story. The main character Sam is based on my inner demons. This character’s reality is turned upside down when his mother Sally fails to come up with the rent money. Thus, Sam and Sally are forced to live on the street. Sam finds it extremely difficult to process being homeless and young. Conflicts break out between his mother, friends, and the landlord while mental illness seeps through the cracks of his life. Yes; this story is somewhat dark so I decided to add a comical twist. I chose to play the lead Character, Sam, because we couldn’t find anyone who could really pull off being me. This made the casting process so much easier. Technically this was supposed to be a TV series, but for some bizarre reason a lot of the scenes vanished all by themselves. So weird! To this day, I am not sure what ever happened to some of the missing scenes. Creating this film helped me deal with the dark trauma I experienced from being homeless numerous times during my adolescence.”