He has only heard that the earth is colourful, but has never seen it. Black is the only colour he knows. He finds the reflection of himself within her. She is a middle aged widow and her life is confined within a piece of white cloth. Perhaps this is why, the widow seems familiar to the blind boy. It is her songs and loneliness that makes him fall in love with her. But is it only love he feels or there is physical urge as well? Because he used to believe other people to be weak and considered himself better.


  • Mriganka Borah: Director
  • Mriganka Borah: Writer
  • Mriganka Borah: Producer
  • Soumar Jyoti Borah: Key Cast, “Ashim”
  • Swagata Bharali: Key Cast, “Karabi”
  • Nagen Baishya: Cinematography
  • Tirtha Nath: Cinematography Assistant
  • Debojit Dutta: COLORIST, EDITOR
  • Balen Pathak: Production Sound
  • Uddipta Deka: ( Assistant) Production Sound
  • Arindam barooah: Assistant Director
  • Bhaskar Jyoti Dutta: Assistant Director
  • Bidyut Saikia: Supporting Cast
  • Juri Sarmah: Supporting Cast
  • Bishnu Borah: Supporting Cast
  • Suvashis Riyan Kashyap: Supporting Cast
  • Champak Jyoti Bhuyan: Supporting Cast
  • Arindam Barooah: Supporting Cast
  • Bhaskar Jyoti Dutta: Production
  • Amar Doloi: Production
  • Ashok Boruah: Production
  • Rantu Bhuyan Production
  • Bhanu Rabha: Light
  • Pramod Rajbongshi: Light
  • Kaushik Rajbongshi: Camera Care taker
  • Kranti Barman: Camera Care taker
  • Anjalika Phukan: Singer
  • Puja Dutta: Make Up
  • Nupur Kashyap Hazarika: Musicians
  • Ziraz Deka: Musicians
  • Pranjal Deka: Musicians
  • Alex: Musicians
  • Ramananda: Musicians
  • Ankur Pathak: Sound Design
  • Anirban Borthakur: Sound Design Supervisor
  • Anirban Borthakur: Sound Mixung Engineer


  • Project Type: Feature
  • Genres: Romance, Drama, Disability Cilture, Youth
  • Runtime: 1 hour 21 minutes 42 seconds
  • Completion Date: January 15, 2020
  • Production Budget: 20,000 USD
  • Country of Origin: India
  • Country of Filming: India
  • Language: Assamese
  • Shooting Format: Digital
  • Aspect Ratio: 2.35 :1
  • Film Color: Color
  • First-time Filmmaker

Director Statement

‘Riyaz’ is a story of a blind boy through which I intend to put in the picture that every individual has emotions be it a blind man or person having different sort of disabilities. They do also have feelings and emotions as any other human beings. The story depicts the perception of a blind man’s view towards society and how music enthralled his emotions and showed the true feelings of love.
Though, ‘Riyaz’ is a love story, it is not about gaining or loosing someone. Love is necessary of a person emotional fulfilment, for growing humanly values inside a person, to learn how to express himself in front of others and love also gives the ability to see the world in a constructive way. Love is the ultimate inspiration for a man to do some good for others and that is what Riyaz is all about.
‘Riyaz’ is also about music. Music helps us to feel what love is and how love is necessary for a person’s emotional fulfilment, for growing humanly values inside him.
‘Riyaz’ has a poetic side. Here, poem is not merely an expression of thoughts and emotions or amalgamation of chosen words. It is where a blind boy separately binds together all his memories, his perception, passion and realizations of his own being in accordance with his way of living.
In the end, ‘Riyaz’ is a love story of a blind boy and a middle aged widow which shows us how music, love and poetry make their life full of inspiration and brings the feel of completeness.
Thus, ‘Riyaz’ is about human values, emotions and about expressing them to others. It will show us a way of life that may lead us to a better understanding of people, of society and the world.