The free adaptation of Eugene Onegin begins in the empty space of the building. The abandoned hall is dominated by a large staircase, where the character’s shadow is known after a while. Eugen returns to the old place. A place full of memories – smiling but also nostalgic. He walks slowly down the hall and sees all the corners of the building. It was a long time since he was here. In contemplation, the unexpected movement of the mysterious woman in the reflection of the glass excites him. Is that what he thinks?

Eugen enters the stairs carefully. Full of determination, however, is uneasy in uncertainty. Doesn’t he dream of him? In the thought of being deceived him by senses, Eugen is stepping back down. However, an unexpected obstacle stands in his way. A rope. Eugen stands opposite him. The rope stands opposite Eugene. First contact happened. Eugen first familiarizes himself with the rope and gradually gives in to it. With fluent movements, he tries to overcome this obstacle, but the rope occupies him so much that he becomes entangled. There’s a defeat.

The defeated Eugen is sitting on the staircase. His clothes are destroyed after fighting the rope. Along with his hope, the rope falls. But Eugen sees a second chance. The torn rope runs up the staircase in a narrower strand. He leads him to a familiar place. His bias with the new space is disturbing the mirror. As if it wanted to talk to him. He comes to the mirror and watches his reflection. After a while Eugen ceases to be aware of reality and dreams and his memories are mixed into one great collage of pictures. Does it seem to him or Tatiana is really stand next to him? He gives in to this idea and lets himself lead. But there’s time to wake up. In the reflection of the mirror, this time he sees the door, into which he is again led by a small cord. When he enters them, he finally meets physically with his muse. Tatiana. But Eugen is unable to take his attention away from the rope, focusing only on it. So far, Tatiana has written letters in which she professes Eugene his love. Eugen has a goal at his fingertips, but he is still indulging in the rope. Tatiana moves back to him with a lot of books while he gets more and more entangled in the problem. He got tangled. He can’t move anymore.

Tatiana and Eugen are in one room, but they are far away. The obstacle between them was increasing. Tatiana puts her pen down and gives up her efforts. Her big load begins to leave the room, along with the rising books. The obstacle between them gradually disappears when they are finally able to make eye contact. Eugen looks at Tatiana. Tatiana looks at Eugene. He loves her, she already has someone else. Tatiana decides to untangle Eugen from trouble. Catches a piece of rope and pulls. Before Eugen is untangled, Tatiana is gone. This is followed by the last piece of wire left in his hand. But when he is looking for the end, he finds out that even more is involved in the whole situation…


  • Barbora Kučeríková: Director
  • Barbora Kučeríková: Writer
  • Jana Mlčochová: Producer
  • Tomas Bata University in Zlin: Producer
  • Daniel Kvašňovský: Key Cast, “Eugen Onegin”
  • Barbora Kučeríková: Director of photography


  • Project Title (Original Language): Medzi
  • Project Type: Experimental, Short, Student
  • Genres: experimental, surrealistic, drama, adaptation
  • Runtime: 15 minutes
  • Completion Date: June 10, 2019
  • Production Budget: 9,700 EUR
  • Country of Origin: Czech Republic
  • Country of Filming: Czech Republic
  • Language: Czech, English
  • Shooting Format: digital
  • Aspect Ratio: 16:9
  • Film Color: Color
  • First-time Filmmaker: Yes
  • Student Project: Yes