It’s 2221. A year in the future when the impossible has become possible. To free the society from evil and immoralities, the Sleep Golden Triangle, controlled by Father, runs a program in which people work in sleep and help Father control people’s minds, thoughts, and dreams. Therefore, sleep time has become the common currency to pay for the things you buy or the services you get. The symbol of the Sleep Golden Triangle consists of three concepts: Father, black box, and people. People sleep in special sleep pods which connect them to Father’s brain and are assigned to do work in different layers, a total of six, of Father’s cerebral cortex. However, the ultimate goal for everyone is to work in layer six and become able to access their black box- a box which no one knows what it’s like. Michael is one of the employees who works in layer five and transfers information to different parts of Father’s brain. Michael has accessed 87 parts of his own brain and will soon reach one hundred which means, for him, being able to access his black box. One day, Michael is contacted by Katy who reveals to him who he actually is and what Father’s secret plan is: a plan to not only control people’s minds in sleep but also when they are awake. Therefore, Michael, who is now convinced, infiltrates Father’ brain with a virus to shut down the system. Finally, in an inevitable battle, Father and Michael get into an ethical argument over right and wrong and Michael manages to defeat him and access Father’s black box, with the help of the virus, only to find out that it is filled with human’s bad memories. But Michael gets stuck inside Father’s black box and has to free himself. While there, he remembers different memories from different parts of his life, but they’re all bad memories which cause him pain and suffering. Nevertheless, in the end, he manages to free himself from the black box through remembering his good memories. Once he is out, more and more people start to remember their memories which causes Father’s brain to shut down. Out in the streets, there is excitement and euphoria, but evil starts to creep back in again.


  • Iman Davari


  • Project Title (Original Language): خوابِ بیدار
  • Project Type: Screenplay
  • Genres: Sci-Fi, drama
  • Number of Pages: 57
  • Country of Origin: Iran, Islamic Republic of
  • Language: English