A Guatemalan mother, whose past catches up with her, goes on the run with an illusive stranger, after they pop up on the radar of rogue agents.

In the vein of “No Country for Old Men” meets “The Departed”


  • Project Type: Screenplay
  • Genres: Drama, Thriller, Psychological, Action, Socio-thriller
  • Number of Pages: 83
  • Country of Origin: United States

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Writer Statement

Sin Mi Familia (Without My Family), my newest screenplay, is a multi-villain, psychological thriller inspired by actual events to include a mother’s immigration struggles, corrupt agents, and an extremely pissed off ex, who rivals the psychotic “No Country for Old Men” bad guy (Anton Chigurh) with unique twists.

Melita and her daughter flee to the U.S. to escape the girl’s father. Once in America, they’re captured, placed in a rural detention center where she witnesses unspeakable conduct by bad ICE agents who undoubtedly slipped through the cracks during the hiring process.

While waiting asylum approval, she’s released to her American cousin. Things seem bleak until Melita finally gets help from someone who’s also on the agents radar. But is it enough? Can she escape her past? Or is this the end of the road?

Eddie’s, Melita’s ex, got a bone to pick. Melita has a daughter to protect. And neither one’s willing to back down and be without family.

I study articles, FBI cases to create stories based on real-world events. I enjoy promoting awareness while making a budget-friendly, compelling story that is equally entertaining. Enjoy!