During WWII, Ora Tanaka and his Japanese-American family, are forced into an Arizona internment (concentration) camp where the only avenue for escape is showing his Chusei (Allegiance).


  • Phil Hollins: Co-Writer
  • Christopher Washington: Co-Writer


  • Project Type: Screenplay
  • Genres: War, Drama, Action, Period
  • Number of Pages: 86
  • Country of Origin: United States
  • First-time Screenwriter: No
  • Student Project: No

Writer Biography

Phil studied film analysis, social/religious dichotomy, taboos in text and creative writing at Arizona State University. M.A. in Liberal Studies in film with emphasis on border migration, health & cultural identity. He has a B.S. in Social & Criminal Justice and second M.S. in Disaster Preparedness Leadership.
Phil’s recognized in dozens of festivals including 2019 Oaxaca FilmFest (Alumni Martin Scorsese, Spike Lee, Robert Di Nero, Guillermo del Toro,), the 2018 HBO/Cinemax Urban Action Showcase Int’l Film Festival and Second Rounder in the 2018 Austin Film Festival Screenplay Competition. His scripts have won in various genres and are a reflection of his experiences, education, travels and ideas.

Christopher brings a wealth of experience to screenwriting. He showcases his tremendous talent in various venues to include the Phoenix Screenwriter’s Associations’ “In the Works” live actors reads. There, seasoned actors around Arizona come together to practice their craft. Many of which compliment Chris’ superb storytelling ability across various genre, dialogue and creating cultural aspects in his works.

Though he didn’t attend film school, Christopher takes tremendous pride in learning all aspects of writing scripts. He’s heavily involved in table read sessions, production, and the impact of music in film analysis.

Writer Statement

Inspired by actual events, Chusei (Allegiance) is a screenwriting collaboration between Phil Hollins and Christopher Washington, that encompasses the challenging journey of a Japanese-American family as seen through the eyes of a fictionalized character.

Sidewalk Japanese Internment Bus