Back in the early days of movie-making, MGM Studios made its home in Culver City, producing legendary films like The Wizard of Oz, National Velvet and Singin’ in the Rain. They produced as many as 52 films a year on two lots near Jefferson Avenue and Overland.

Sony Pictures Studios is located in Culver City at the historic studio lot established in 1915 by visionary filmmaker Thomas Ince. Eventually becoming MGM’s famous home, the studio lot grew to cover more than 180 acres under the leadership of Louis B. Mayer. Through the years, Sony Pictures Entertainment has renovated and upgraded the studio lot while maintaining its historic integrity, demonstrating the studio’s commitment to preserving its legacy while anticipating the future. Click on any star below to learn more about the studio’s storied structures.

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Over the years, the studio had many owners, but the most recent act of the old film giant’s Culver City studio began in 1989 when Sony bought Columbia Pictures and formed Sony Pictures Entertainment.

Sony poured hundreds of millions into renovating the buildings and facilities, eventually naming their venture Sony Pictures Studios. Today, the studio mostly records television shows, but you can still visit the lot for a dose of movie history.

Sony Studios has a fascinating history and you may enjoy the real working studio atmosphere better than the theme park-style studio tour at Universal. However, their tour goes to fewer parts of the studio than Warner Bros or Paramount, and it involves a lot of walking.

Sony Pictures Entertainment is a worldwide leader in creativity and innovation. Backed by the power of Sony Corporation, one of the world’s most recognizable and respected brands, Sony Pictures Entertainment’s global operations encompass motion picture and television production and distribution, home entertainment acquisitions and distribution, operation of studio facilities and development of new entertainment technologies.

Have the right expectations so that you won’t be disappointed. You probably won’t see a big-name movie star. In fact, you’ll be lucky to see a minor one. And you definitely won’t get to watch a movie being made. What you will see is the inside of a working film studio, your experience based on the day’s activities.