Vietnam Short Film: À La Carte

Vietnam Short Film: À La Carte

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During French Colonial Era, A young Northern Vietnamese woman has to satisfies the French General’s taste with a traditional cuisine, to save her family from capital punishment.


Jay Do: Director
Jay Do: Writer
Tuan Do: Producer
Nam Anh Tran Producer
Tu Nguyen: Producer
Quynh Nguyen: Key Cast, “Ngan”
Minh Phuong Bui: Key Cast, “Mother”
Janick Martinez: Key Cast, “French General”
Thang Vu: Key Cast, “Father”
Nhi: Key Cast, “Younger Sister”
Tu Nguyen: Executive Producers
Nam Anh Tran: Executive Producers
Bob Nguyen: ACS Cinematographer
Kelly Hoang: Production Designer
Jay Do: Editors
Nam Anh Tran: Editors
Tri Minh Music Composer
Hung Nguyen: Sound Designers
Quang Khong Sound Designers
Nam Anh Tran: First AD
Mike Vu: Second AD
Huyen Tran: Script Supervisor
Huong Duong: Production cordinators
Son Hoang: Production cordinators
Tien Anh Bui: Assistant to Producer
Duong Vau: Assistant to Producer
Quynh Anh: Assistant to Producer
Quang Anh Nguyen: Production Assistant
Dung Duc Bui: Production Assistant
Thi Ly Ly Bui: Production Assistant
Hoang Xuan Minh Nguyen: Camera Operator
Gang Nguyen: Focus Puller
Tieu Dao Tu: Clapper
Van Thanh: DIT
Linh Nguyen: Special Effects Make Up
Phuong Le: Assistant Special Effects Make Up
Thanh Huyen: Tran Wardrobe
Dieu Anh Nguyen: Wardrobe Assistant
Dung Minh Nguyen: Art Director
Vu Tran Production: Design Assistant
Nhu Nhien Nguyen: Construction Coordinator
Khanh Du Tran: Set Dresser
Chi Thong Nguyen: Set Dresser
Ngoc Bich Vi: Set Dresser
Viet Lam Nguyen: Set Dresser
Xuan Vu Dinh Behind The Scenes
Hiep Bui: Set Photographers
Thanh Long Nguyen: Set Photographers
Phuoc Dinh Huy: Colorist
Thanh Kien Nguyen: Gaffer
Van Tho Phung: Lighting & Grip
Van Duy Nhat Manh: Lighting & Grip
Van Thuy Tran: Lighting & Grip
Manh Hiep Pham: Lighting & Grip
Van Thang Nguyen: Lighting & Grip
Dinh Hai Dao: Lighting & Grip
Van Chien Nguyen: Lighting & Grip
Van Ha Le: Lighting & Grip
Truong Hai Ha: Lighting & Grip
Son Luong: Lighting & Grip


Film Type: Short
Genres: Drama, Thriller
Runtime: 5 minutes 34 seconds
Completion Date: March 9, 2020
Production Budget: 8,000 USD
Country of Origin: Viet Nam
Country of Filming: Viet Nam
Film Language: No Dialogue
Shooting Format: Digital
Aspect Ratio: 13:9
Film Color: Color




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