Canada Feature Film: we

Canada Feature Film: we

Film Title: we
Director & Producer: Mani Nasry
Running Time: 86 Minutes
Language: English
Rate: PG
Genre: Drama

In the pursuit of love and happiness, Mani Nasry known as Ethan in the film meets obstacles that threaten to halt his quest. Dating within different cultures and being open to all religions, Ethan must deal with constant roadblocks. From First Nations to South American, Ethan’s journey to find love in Toronto is nothing but complex. Making his way through a kaleidoscope world searching for a brighter side of love and humanity, he faces discrimination and depression but always remains hopeful. Based on his life story of growing up in Toronto and witnessing the hardship of finding a sustainable job, Ethan meets an eclectic mix of individuals who help him comprehend life.

The purpose of this film is to showcase people from different cultures in leading roles, a Canadian film about diversity and the complexity of finding love and acceptance

We is a narrative that conveys that even from a third-world country, your culture is embedded in you no matter where you go and showcases that love has boundaries, even within the multicultural city of Toronto. 


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