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Yuichiro Nakada

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Born February 24, 1984

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born in Tokyo raised in Chiba, After graduating from University of California at Santa Barbara as physics major, he studied astrophysics at Munich University Graduate School in Germany. After dropping out from the graduate school, he worked for foreign manufacturing company, JAXA, and National Astronomical Observatory in Japan. He gradually stepped into the movie industries while taking a ghostwriting workshop held by Eiga 24ku. He constantly produces Independent films. As a big fun of cat, he lives with two adorable cats that he rescued from his neighborhood.


changing from a telescope to a camera for looking into the inside of human.

Nice to meet you. I am, Yuichiro Nakada, a director of the film. After graduating from high school, I went to a language school for a year as a newspaper student, and graduated from the University of California at Santa Barbara, majoring in Physics with the aim of becoming an astronomer. Afterwards, I majored in astrophysics at Munich University graduate school in Germany.

After returning to Japan, I worked as a research assistant and engineer at the National Astronomical Observatory in Japan, JAXA, and a chemical industry, etc. In those days, I had a chance to take the script analysis workshop for movies held by a professional script analyst from Hollywood, and learned all the behind structure of movie making. Having such experience, I decided to quit the company, and took the childhood dream path to be a worldwide film director, which I felt as if I were jumping off from the cliff as a main stage in my life.

After that, I participated in screenwriting workshops and independent and commercial film production sites as an assistant and studied storytelling, acting and directing in the film. Currently, I am working as a writer and a translator, and movie director for promotion video of enterprises while developing the idea of next film project and writing plans and scripts for them.

Taking advantage of the unique career such as studying abroad as a physics major, I would like to deliver more unique and entertaining works to everyone as a director and an author not only by looking at the world from Japanese perspective but also by looking Japan from cosmopolitan perspective in macroscopic way.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained. If you do not enter the tiger's cave, you will not catch its cub

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