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Xuebing Feng

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My Story

Feng Xuebing was born on December 30, 1986 and graduated from the Communication University of China as a Broadcasting and Hosting Art major. Upon graduating, she worked as a host at Asia Television (Hong Kong). With the short film, The Red Rose and the White Rose, Feng made her debut as a screenwriter and director.

Director Statement

I believe there is a red rose and a white rose in everyone’s heart. They could be two people, or two cities, they represent two different choices, and two different lives. No matter which one we choose, our lives are changed consequently, and the other choice that we did not choose, or the other life that did not happen, remains in our hearts as an eternal “if”. The “if” may happen in a parallel space, or it may stay in a dream.

Thus, I created the short film, The Red Rose and the White Rose, depicting three different kinds of life on the same timeline through a man’s dream, another daydream within his dream, and the reality. I ripped open a corner within the human heart to portray the “if” that will always be unsettled no matter how we choose.

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