Xuan Cui


Xuan Cui

/ Director

Born May, 1995
Rresidence U.S.

My Story

Xuan Cui is an artist, film director, and cinematographer. His short film Wake Up won the Original Vision Award from the Chinese Bureau of Education in 2016 for the category My Concert Hall. He holds a BFA in television directing from the Chongqing University of Posts and Telecommunications and is currently pursuing an MFA in filmmaking at the Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA).

Director Statement

If you have ever heard about the three wise monkeys or the expression “curiosity killed the cat, then you already know the basic human story that drives this film. Using dark humor in the style of the Coen brothers and Quentin Tarantino, Hear No Evil dwells in the boundaries among people where temptations beckon and secrets hide. All chaos must be quelled, all bad people punished. n Eastern Cinema, we are accustomed to Karma endings, but does it truly exist?

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