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Born August, 1965
Rresidence U.S.A

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Phil received his Masters in Liberal Studies with an emphasis in Migration, Health & Cultural Identity from Arizona State University. There, he studied creative writing, film analysis, taboo in texts & visual texts, and personal essays. Phil originally hails from Hampton, Virginia and Camden, New Jersey. He currently resides in Arizona.

Though he’s won several awards for his writing over the last two years, Phil has enhanced his craft through local screenwriting table read groups, attending writer’s events and bringing his stories to life via a monthly live actor read sessions sponsored through the Phoenix Screenwriter’s Association.


Writer Statement

“Blackballed”, psychological thriller along the lines of “Breaking Bad” meets “The Blacklist” meets “No Country for Old Men”..

Travis Dempsey, expelled white supremacist leader, and Lawrence Rutherford, a black by-the-book FBI agent, put aside their difference to saves Travis’ daughter who they just learned has Lawrence’s son’s transplanted heart. Through his journey, Travis has a change of heart when those he once chastised from diverse backgrounds, offer his family safe haven after his former group comes looking for them.

They thought they found the perfect leader (looks, charisma, young, raged & unique training) to spread their message. Yet they never imagined what would happen if they forced their “chosen-one” to unleash his most ruthless skills on them. Now they must find and silence him or risk a public relations nightmare.

“Blackballed” is a fast-paced script that tackles racism, yet reflects the potential when society works together to fight against hate. Deep wounds must slowly heal slowly and outside forces must prevail as Travis and Lawrence forge one of the most unusual partnership.

Disclaimer: Some intense situations and harsh language.

I want readers to connect with the story. Sometimes, in order to promote diversity and acceptance, stories may get a little dirty.


“This is a uniquely topical story that promises to dig into problems of racial inequality in America. The idea of a literal white supremacist Nazi who is forced to rely on the kindness of a Black Community to save his family is a recipe for excellent conflict and drama” – 2018 Austin Film Festival

“This is a unique idea for a script based on a Supremacist who is about to become the face of the organization when his young daughter suddenly needs a heart donor.” – 2018 Austin Film Festival

“The characters are memorable and that is quite an accomplishment…The dialogue was excellent. It started off with a bang…All of the characters sound differently, seemed authentic.” – 2018 Austin Film Festival

“Really smart writing with good twists. The story moves quickly, is succinct, and not a moment feels wasted or unnecessary on the page. Every scene has a place and there’s a strong and compelling narrative drive.” – 2018 Austin Film Festival





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