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Winter Tomisato

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My Story

Winter Tomisato is a director/screenwriter who has won creative writing awards for stage plays, pilots, and short scripts in competitions like Creative Writing Artist of Promise and Vortex Magazine. They have also worked behind the camera as a first assistant director & cinematographer, as well as an assistant for SHOWTIME and Nickelodeon. Winter currently works in costumes for Universal Studios.
Outside of writing, Winter volunteers for Made in Her Image, a non-profit movement dedicated to the advancement of women of color in film and television, as well as the No More Deaths Tempe Chapter, a group of people committed to giving water, food, and medical services to migrants in distress. In their free time, Winter enjoys playing kickball with friends and watching anything written by Mindy Kaling.

Director Statement

I was inspired to direct this film, Internal, when my mother was recovering from surgery and she asked me to stick a suppository up her bumhole. At the time, I took her request very seriously – after all, she was in quite the vulnerable position. But after talking with others, some of whom were nurses or caregivers for their own family members, I was able to take on a new perspective. I thought perhaps it is better to approach my mother’s impending mortality with a sense of honor and hilarity. After all, the only thing separating me from the disabled community is time and luck. Why ignore the inevitable? Why not talk and laugh about it? So I wrote a film.
At the time of this incident, I was adult. I could control my facial expressions despite the dissident opinions screaming within me, hence the idea of multiple Parkers within the film’s structure. However, I wanted to explore how a child would react to seeing their parent in pain, knowing that helping them would be gross but virtuous, which is why Child Parker is the main character. A child is the best person to confront this film’s themes of pain, responsibility, and coming of age.
I truly hope that people see this film and feel a sense of connection to something both flesh and intangible. That they too, learn and grow as Parker does, or at least enjoy watching her mature before their eyes. I also hope, that one day, everyone will have someone they love so much that they would put a suppository up their anus.

My Filmography

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  • January 4, 2024 Internal When a young woman’s ailing mother makes a personal request, she is forced to wrangle her fractured internal monologues that threaten to destroy both her identity and her relationship.

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