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Wenqin Ni

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Rresidence U.S.A.

My Story

Melody Graduated from the University of Southern California’s Disney Film Production program in 2018. In 2019 Melody graduated from the University Of California Irvine, with a double major in Film and Drama, where she graduated with Honors. Her first film was made at the age of 15 when she took a two week filmmaking course, where her teacher recognized her talent for filmmaking. Melody has worked in over 40 films working as Director, Writer, Production Designer, Costume Designer, and actress. Melody has also Directed professional commercials, and music videos with great reviews

Director Statement

I want to tell my audience that not being able to say no to hard drugs can lead to tragic results. I want my audience to experience the helplessness of seeing your body hanging on for life, wishing for a second chance, but knowing it’s too late.

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