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Wei Zhang

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My Story

Zhang Wei, born in July 1965, successively studied in the film Science major of the Director Department in the Beijing Film Academy, the Art Culture major of the Chinese National Academy of Arts and Literature Department.
In 2010, he directed his first film, Beijing Dream. In 2011, he directed the feature film Shadow Puppetry of One Person.In 2014, he directed the feature film Factory Boss, which was shortlisted in the main competition of the 38th Montreal International Film Festival and won the Best Actor Award.In 2017, his film Ballad form Tibet won the Best Film Award at the 13th China International Children’s Film Festival. In 2018, he won the Kim Jiseok Award at the 23rd Busan Film Festival for his feature film The Rib. In 2019, the drama film The Photographer was the opening film of the Hainan International Film Festival. In 2020, The Empty Nest was nominated for Best Actress at the Golden Rooster Awards for the feature film.
Zhang Wei was Born in Hunan Province of China, and he studied Directing at the Beijing Film Academy as well as Cinema Studies at the Chinese National Academy of Arts.
Zhang Wei is known for his cinematic realism that depicts individuals who are marginalized by society in a natural, and realistic way. His films self-consciously express critical social issues and convey powerful social messages through their unassuming storylines that embody important social conflicts. This constant struggle between marginalized individuals and society introduces the audience to aspects of Chinese society that are often overshadowed by China’s rapid transformation.

Director’s filmography

THE RIB (2018)
DESTINY (2016)
Director Statement

In 2016, Director Zhang Wei participated in the Cleveland Film Festival with the film “Working Boss”。The organizers of the film festival learned that Director Zhang Wei likes to drive Harleys and introduced a local friend who drives Harleys. The two became good friends.During a conversation, the director introduced that he was preparing the film “The Sound of Nature Dream”, which was set in Xizang, China.This friend told Director Zhang Wei that he had a deceased twin brother who also loved Harley, but neither of them had been to China. He knew that Director Zhang Wei had been to many parts of the world, so he wanted Director Zhang Wei to scatter his brother’s ashes in China and around the world.In this way, the director scattered the ashes in Hong Kong and Shenzhen, China; France, Paris, Iran, and other places fulfilled the wishes of friends and the wishes of his brother.

It was the incident of scattering ashes that triggered director Zhang Wei’s creative inspiration. So in《REDEMPTION WITH LIFE》, the three good brothers set a common goal of “riding in Xizang” when they were young. Later, they failed to complete their work and life until one of them died unexpectedly. In order to fulfill their brothers’ wishes, the other two formed a Harley motorcade to ride in Xizang and scattered their ashes in the holy Xizang area along the way.

The film went through an extremely long shooting cycle of six years, with four boot ups, and the filming process was very bumpy.The film is currently the largest in China to use Harley elements and the largest in scale to use Harley locomotives,more than 100 Harley motorcycles and riders participated in the filming of the movie.Because it was the first large-scale production of a Harley motorcycle in China, it had a great impact on major Harley clubs across the country, and at the same time, the film well showcased the spirit of Harley knights.

My Filmography

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  • October 31, 2023 REDEMPTION WITH LIFE The film was inspired by a sprinkling of ashes from a "Harley Club". The three good brothers agreed to "ride Tibet" together when they were young, but they were too busy with their lives to take care of the agreement. After one of them died unexpectedly, the other two formed a Harley-Davidson team to start a motor-cycling trip, spreading ashes in sacred places along the way of Tibetan area.Redemption with life "Brothers" uses individual memories to search for and experience thoughts about life, money, women and desires. Along the way, they redeem themselves, allowing each other to understand, feel guilty, blame themselves, forgive, let go...all the grievances and hatreds are gone with the wind. The filming of the film has experienced two epidemics, which lasted "six years", and started shooting "four times", which permeates Harley's spirit and brotherhood throughout.

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