Stacy Chu

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Stacy Chu

/ Director

Born April, 1990

My Story

Stacy Chu is an LA based filmmaker and actress who graduated from American Film Institute with a focus on directing and narrative writing. Her stories and characters often involve detached, passionate characters who long for an idealistic notion of life that rarely exists in reality.

Director Statement

¡Llámame Chinita! shows the pressures and subsequent exhaustion from cultural expectations that are projected on all Chinese women. From our friends at home who pester us constantly, to our mothers who are always pushing us towards motherhood, and our jobs which seem to expect an inhuman dedication. Lulu, like me and many others, is desperate to leave these things behind but can never seem to get away. She travels to Mexico during the pandemic for respite, but the chime of her phone is bombarding her at all times.

Against the colorful backdrop of Mexico, Lulu is alienated from both her home life and her life on vacation. She finds peace in the end, even if it’s not totally in her control. There’s a beauty in that though, that lack of control is often how life is. Giving us answers in ways we don’t expect, and delivering experiences that are not necessarily sought out.

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