Shengwen Ruan

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Shengwen Ruan

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My Story

Though formerly an actor without formal training, my lifelong passion for the magic of movies led me to rigorous self-study. By analytically deconstructing exceptional performances and creative directions, I silently apprenticed with the greats — gleaning invisible insights that inspired me to dig deeper into the art of filmmaking. Now pursuing a Directing at the eminent Beijing Film Academy since 2022.

Director Statement

An introspective coming-of-age drama, the short chronicles a young man’s turbulent passage from sexual ignorance to self-awareness. When an explicit book unravels protagonist Xiao Yong’s naiveté, his journey of discovery is marked by curiosity, shame, helplessness and fear as he struggles to reconcile newly stirred desires with social taboos.

Shunning the romanticized formula of most adolescent stories, this film offers a relatable portrait of physiological development in 1990s China. Xiao Yong’s psychological odyssey into manhood swerves inward as he processes double standards, repression and his culture’s clash between tradition and modernity.

With emotional authenticity as the primary focus, the story’s straightforward plot amplifies its rich thematic undertones. Xiao Yong’s internal battles intensify following a series of confrontational external events that strip him of his youthful ignorance. The film culminates in an impressionistic climax that plunges Xiao Yong through a dramatic rite of passage, cementing his irreversible transition into self-aware young adulthood.

My Filmography

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  • Growing Pains China, 1990s. When an explicit book opens a naive dance student boy's eyes to sexuality, his curiosity wars with social taboos and self-doubt. An intense encounter with a female peer forces the introspective boy across the threshold of innocence, plunging him into a personal rite of passage rife with fear and self-awareness.

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