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Sheng Liu

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Born September, 2001

My Story

Born in September 2001 in Changsha, Hunan, is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Financial Technology at Southwest University of Finance and Economics. He was awarded the “Most Potential Director Award” at the ASIA Golden Orchid Awards at the 3rd Asian Youth International Film Festival for his film work “The Future of the Blue Sky” and was the founder of Sheng Nonstop Film and Television. Participated in the creation of large-scale brand variety shows such as Hunan TV’s “Chinese Restaurant” in the fourth season and Mango TV’s “Sisters Riding the Wind and Waves”, and created a special feature film “Youth Dream, Keep Walking” to be showcased in columns on websites such as Learning to Build a Strong Country. Micro films, videos, and other works have won national, provincial, and municipal awards multiple times. Invited to produce several visual media films for Vanke, Guotai Jun’an, Haitong Securities, China International Capital Corporation, and University of Electronic Science and Technology.

Director Statement

Behind the phenomenon of “post-00s reorganizing the workplace”, the post-00s group has the need to pursue autonomy, be treated equally and be respected. This group’s unique thinking mode cannot be separated from the rapid development of material technology.In this context, the film Sky is the limit focuses on the youth growth of the post-00s, telling the story of He Xi, a student journalist with a sense of justice, and Yan He, a producer of the A, B, and C band who has been subjected to online violence. Two confident and sincere people who have been unfairly treated unexpectedly meet in the crowd.And in the unsolved youth, they work together to face various perplexities and difficulties in campus, career, and life, and bravely go to the future together.
Student journalist He Xi, who is a newcomer to the workplace, has repeatedly encountered obstacles, from newspapers to new media, from television stations to the organizing committee of the singer competition. She has been discouraged and resigned time and time again, searching for self-worth in the negation of others. Despite suffering from workplace injustice and distorted facts, she still chose to bravely pick up her young aspirations and courage, and achieved the call for justice and confrontation through self media.Yan He, who pursues his music dream wholeheartedly, moves the audience with sincerity and ideals, but can only suffer injustice and become a victim of the era of traffic. Will people become mediocre and utilitarian in reality? We cannot provide answers to questions, just as we cannot predict the direction of anyone except ourselves.
The “Sky” in the title of the film symbolizes the call for the governance of online violence in the era of traffic, and the call for the improvement of the workplace environment for “pancakes” and “PUA”. The ‘Sky’ still represents the growth state of the post-00s, represented by He Xi and Yan He, heading towards the future, which may be the necessary youth topic for every post-00s growth. You need to accept what you don’t like, the career you look forward to, and the dreams you want may not necessarily be achievable. But even if everything in this world doesn’t go as you wish, you still can’t trap yourself. You need to become the person you want to be first, and then face everything that doesn’t go as you wish. Because the future is not good or bad, it is only the future, which is the best state of youth.

My Filmography

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  • Sky is the limit 青空未来 Write a love letter to the sky’s limit, while there’s still time to do whatever we like.

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