Saber Mostafapour

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Saber Mostafapour

/ Director

Born March, 1991

My Story

Born 1991 in Mazandaran, Iran. 2014- BA in Mechanical engineering, Iran University of Science and Technology. 2017- BA in cinema, Iranian Youth Cinema Society. 2019- BA in cinema, Azad Film School. An interest in cinema led Mostafapour to begin writing film scripts for others and join in film projects as a crew. He made some student projects, short film & documentary. His first short film, Dogs & Wolfs (2019). To date, he has made two independent short films. He is the editor and author of a many projects aside from his own. Dogs & Wolfs selected in some festivals like, Davis International Film Festival 2019 and has won an Avalonia International Integrity in Film Award.

Director Statement

Silence and tolerance are permitted to the extent that they do not damage one’s personality and identity. Many of the most dear ones in our lives sacrifice our lives for their honor and dignity. So what should our reaction be? live in humility? Or to dive into the sea and even become the one day we truly are. Far from the people who made life bitter for us. Far from the people who took away our freedom.
One day The character of “Milad” in “Mermaid” decides to be her own identity, even if it is at the expense of leaving home and school forever. But living with a new identity is not easy. Milad is well aware that men’s treatment of women in his society is not peaceful and Most men make women silent in their traditional way and this doubles her problems. But Milad has made her decision and wants to go to war with all the problems. There are many Milads in our society that are doomed to isolation and silence. I hope this film heals their old wounds a little.

P.S: I can send to you a copy of the short film WITHOUT SUBTITLES and a list of dialogues.

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