Peter Cm Chin

Peter Cm Chin

/ Director

Born May, 1972

My Story

Peter Chin is a Malaysian film director and producer, who began his career as a visual effect professional then transitioning to a commercial film director in the advertising world. During his years of both directing and producing for the creative industry, he produced and directed several short stories and short documentaries in which one of his short film ‘Last Lonely Night’ was a finalist in Corti Da Sogni Worldwide Fiction Festival (Italy) and DigiCon Asia Festival (Japan). His short films are characterized by his style of directing and visual context. The types of stories that he resonates with, revolves around themes of empowerment, aspirations and relationships. Peter Chin’s creative endeavours are of many influences from creative masters, with the likes of Steven Spielberg, Antoine Fuqua, Edward Zwick, Hans Zimmer, Yasmin Ahmad, Gareth Edwards, to say the least. There are creative hurdles in every corner of the visual storytelling process, but he regards them as an opportunity to absorb and share new insights.

Director Statement

My name is Peter Chin, and I am grateful for the opportunity to present my short film ‘disConnect’. As a filmmaker, I have always been drawn to creating stories about relationships on simple premises that i can explore emotional nuances through the characters.

The idea of ‘disConnect’ comes from my advertising digital content experience where i have worked with numerous influencers, and some have shared with me how their personal and social media lives are intertwined with no boundaries. I took bits of these personal experiences from different influencers and pieced together a story of mental struggle, self-worth and exploitation in the social media realm.

I envisioned ‘disConnect’ as a coming-of-digital-age journey for the protagonist, Joe, where his connection to the world through his mobile phone, confronts the demands of his digital persona. I want the audience to experience the emotional arc of Joe through the perspective of his mobile phone device, which is present in every pivotal moment. I deliberately inserted the phone’s POV with the sense of his privacy being unknowingly invaded. On that note, i wanted to have the sub-text of how manipulative and malicious the digital world can be.

The sound design in ‘disConnect’ was an important process as well to drive Joe’s emotional transition throughout and to also seed in signs of Joe’s mental state, more notably through his breathes. In the visual context, the bed prop is symbolic in the story representing what i feel is an experience of disconnection between mind states.

‘disConnect’, to me in so many ways, was a challenge in simplifying everything from the story, camera work, audio, pace to the character. It was a work of love and passion from myself and the talented cast, crew, and everyone who believed in this vision. I hope you enjoy the film as much as we enjoyed creating it.

My Filmography

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  • December 7, 2023 disConnect A fitness lifestyle influencer plunges deep into social media pressures and crypto debt as his online popularity spirals downwards.

My Award

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