Peipei Liu

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Peipei Liu

/ Director

Born January, 2000

My Story

Peipei Liu is a multimedia content creator who utilizes various art forms, including articles, short videos, and films. Growing up in China and attending college in the U.S., she combines her cultural background with the knowledge and skills she gains to tell stories of underrepresented groups and unheard voices. Peipei hopes to create characters and stories that not only the audience would resonate with but also could bring up attention and open discussion about the topics and communities that lack concern in society. She aims to tell stories with purpose and impact that can make a difference.

My Filmography

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  • May 4, 2023 Burn The Flower Because of the family value, Jiang Nan doesn't have sex life with her boyfriend. On her 19th birthday, she received a birthday gift from her sister: a vibrator.

My Award

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