Panta Mosleh

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Panta Mosleh

/ Director

Rresidence Vancouver BC, Canada

My Story

Made in Singapore, she is a test tube baby, born and raised in the Middle East, Singapore, Canada. Panta graduated University of Victoria Bachelor of Arts Degree. She has also lived in, Japan and the United States. She currently resides in Vancouver BC. In addition to working on several big-budget TV Shows and MOW’s and commercials as Production Coordinator, Panta independently produced and shot award winning short films and music videos. Panta currently divides her time between producing, production coordinating and acting, bringing her unique flair to every project.

Panta is currently developing a feature script that is an extension of the short film “Pass The Salt”. She is also in the process of producing an action-thriller feature length script by Writer-Director Marc Fusco, who for many years was mentored by Steven Spielberg.

Panta has produced multiple award winning projects, “Instance” a short and “Kiss & Tell” a music video, as well as Associate Produced Canada’s first Transgender Sitcom, “The Switch”airing on Out TV and Revry, an LGBTQ streaming service. Her first project was a documentary segment, called “A day in a Life of a Japanese Highschool Girl”, currently released on Youtube with more than 468K views.

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  1. Abdul

    I believe that Panta just need a chance to demonstrate her abilities in acting. Sh is really talented, gifted, and my favorite actress ever.

    I wish the best for her, and hey Panta you getting there in the top soon but do not forget us when you became such a famous one .


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