Nima Valibeigi

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Nima Valibeigi

/ Director

Born May, 1993

My Story

Nima valibeigi was born on 22 may,1993 in Fars,Iran.He began his way as a theater actor when he was just 7 years old and he kept doing that for about eighteen years.In 2017 he directed his first film “Wound” in symbolic surreal genre which has received the award for best independent film and numerous other recognitions.And his new movies “Wild Red/Bloody Alpaca” released 1st January and won many awards.
New movie named ” Zero Coordinates ” is a surreal story about WWII.

Director Statement

It’s a surreal story about world war II. I make a story about something that never happened but if it could be real what’s happened to us.

My Filmography

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  • March 2, 2023 Zero Coordinates As two nazi’s general are trading the canes of power they relize that hitler is dead and of the general refuse to trade the cane of power to the other and the second general tries to get them.

My Award

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