Nelson Ng

Nelson Ng

/ Director

Born September, 1990

My Story

Nelson Ng Chak Hei studied film at Emerson College and graduated from Boston University with a degree in International Relations. After returning to Hong Kong, he co-founded Stray Dogs, a production house with a bedrock in advertising, while exploring personal stories to develop outside the commercial sphere.

Director Statement

“Magic Kingdom” is a short film based upon the true stories of several Chinese-Americans who came to the US in the 1990s. Boiling down their experiences into one story, we follow a single father and his son to Los Angeles, where the father intends to have his son adopted by an American family friend.

Co-writer Nicholas Shay and I transfused our own cross-cultural experiences into this story. We wanted to explore the often misconstrued idea that “the grass is greener on the other side.” The concept of Disneyland, or the Magic Kingdom, stands as a symbol of the great American Dream that many immigrants seek, whether it may be true or a mere fantasy. Regardless of economic or political factors, these immigrants leave their homelands, believing they will find better lives in a new place, often short-sighted to the downsides of moving.

With the recent political uncertainties in Hong Kong, as well as the prevailing debate on immigration and gun control in the US, the present situation makes it a ripe time to explore this story.

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