Müntekim Gerginok

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Müntekim Gerginok

/ Director

Born March 3, 1993
Rresidence Istanbul, Turkey

My Story

He is 26 years, from Turkey, studying cinema.

Director Statement

My intend is not query on the virtue or not being a guardian of morals. I’m totally in opposition to popularity of public service ad which is already centered on social problems in short films. We suppose that the most responsible people in the world are short film makers. Anyway… “Run Away!” focuses on barbarity of cosmopolitan. Kadikoy/Moda with its Modernist and conventional dynamism, it is like an X-ray of Turkey in a cosmopolitan sense. The cosmopolitan lifestyle is naturally a consequence of the modernity. Boundaries become indistinct, originality becomes transparent. Individuals are in tendency to be fairly similar themselves. The moral deprivation which seems to me that the tragedy of modern man, is not even noticeable in view of the rapidity of cosmopolite. The ‘nest’ which is the spiritual belonging of the person, is eroded in the cosmopolitan codes. Conclusion: Rootless individuals, personalities have been in abeyance.
“Run Away!” occurs the center of the Cosmopolitan with its place and characters. Suddenly, comes to the protagonist’s senses who decides to run away from the metropolis, encountered the severity of the devious situation that she was trying to get rid of. It releases suppressed hatred, when probability of revenge is impossible. It is unpredictable that every large and small problem can cost one’s life, (defying the social contract) insecure and (in a way) making an attempt to escape of absurd vicious circle.

When I watch any short film festival selection in our country, I see all the short films alike of a single director’s films. “Run Away!” is going to be a different movie. Dark comedy uses negative situations. It manipulates tragic issues and makes the audience laugh. Those interested in high art (!) are also displeased with to black comedy, it is basically, as making an effort to enlighten the dark side of the human being like Ingmar Bergman, it reveals pure, primitive, selfish people who can even laugh at the tragedy of others. Black comedy is as candid as being unconventional; a drunken genre as a drunken person. “Run Away!” is a black comedy. The story of Moda whose general philosophy of life is nihilism, I convey my opinions on the basis of nihilism tend to “absurd” on the black humor arm.

The scene is begun by the second leading character, Caner’s spaghetti service –referring to Spaghetti Western- it is also position to getting into genre. Like a pure love sentence like “Take me with you or don’t go.” in acknowledgment of today’s human being character Deren is source of laughter. Benefiting from ‘Mexican Standoff’ cliche as a complementary element of both the genre and the ‘spiral’, where no one has a chance to survive. Hülya who is made believe by the role of lover that Caner succeeded; but Caner’s lie expose, Hülya reaches climax when she swears her devious and spiral story, runs like hell. Hateful people can’t survive and Deren suffers from it; like Caner’s takeaway spaghetti which is delicious…

Running away from a place is become the precondition of life with dignity for a lot of people in this city. If as much as possible people run away from Istanbul, it will make the city more liveable. Of course I don’t expect people run away from the city later than they watch the movie. I’m sincerly trying to create awareness of intellectual and enjoyable film.

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