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Mukesh Asopa

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Born March, 1979

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Director : Mukesh Asopa is an award-winning actor-turned-director who has spent nearly eleven years in the entertainment industry as of 2020. His films often defy cliche and genre to provide compelling stories which focus on character and interpersonal conflict.Based in Canada and In keeping with his international film career, Asopa has directed films whose main language is Hindi (The Taste of Relation), English (Zombie Beach), or a mix of both (Depth of Pyaar). His 2009 film The Taste of Relation recently won the Best Director under Feature Film Category from the Directors Awards in Jakarta, Indonesia. Asopa’s most lauded film thus far is the crime drama Chambers Gate, which received seventeen awards and nine additional nominations, including two awards for directing from the Alaska International Film Festival and the American Movie Awards. His 2019 Feature Film Depth Of Pyaar with over 30 Awards win globally is progressing very fast among the film festivals circuit .
The film is doing very well with the World Premiere at Canadian Screen Awards Qualifying prestigious VISAFF-Vancouver- 2019-Canada, followed by many screenings and awards win globally. In the USA “Depth Of Pyaar “ is Scheduled for its Newyork premiere at the prestigious Queensworld Film Festival-2020 (Rated among Top 100 Film Festivals) followed by the California Premiere at Idylwild Film Festival-2020 ( Reviewed by many Hollywood Magazines and studios). Mukesh has been working very hard for his long waited upcoming Feature film “Bloody Romeo” which is in the post productions and is scheduled to enter film festivals in 2021 with a possible World Premiere at a film festival in Australia.Imdb page and profile can be referred for all updates from time to time.

Director Statement

is a Hindi word which means “ Love”. Depth Of Pyaar is a unique story of Love with great talented actors and their amazing performances.Very Happy with the final output of the film as it was shot on Red Epic and looked great on big projection at the Vancouver Premiere Of the film in November-2019 followed by other festivals Premieres in different countries of the world.

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