Muhammad Reza Yarikia

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Muhammad Reza Yarikia

/ Director

Born December, 1989

My Story

Muhammad Reza Yarikiya was born in 1989 and attended acting classes since the age of fourteen. He was an actor in several movies and series. Then he started writing screenplays and plays. He started his career by writing short screenplays that won many awards in Iran. Then he wrote long screenplays, one of which was called Aku. This film managed to participate in the Iranian Children and Adolescent Film Festival and received an award. He won many awards in foreign festivals. After that, he wrote the novel Dying in the Style of an Ordinary Person.

He entered the field of art by acting in the theater and wrote several plays that won awards in Iran. He studied film directing. After that he started making short films. He has made several short films so far. Each of them has had success.

Director Statement

Superstitions along with human ignorance can lead him astray and harm other beings. The belief in sacrificing animals to achieve dreams and goals in Iran led to the making of this film.
Some resist these superstitions and others cultivate this belief.
In this project, we tried to portray these superstitions and use symbols that are found in the homes of most Iranians. Although sacrifice is not a widespread practice in Iran as it used to be, it still exists and on a day called Eid al-Adha, animals such as cows and sheep are sacrificed as a religious ritual.
Our filmmaking group consists of young people who have studied in this field and each of us is eager to share our experience. Sacrifice of an animal in the forest by someone who does not believe in this practice is the basis of our film.

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