Mohammad Abedi

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Mohammad Abedi

/ Director

Born November, 1999

My Story

Mohammad Abedi is an Iranian writer and translator. He is a teacher of Western philosophy and Persian literature.

Mohammad Abedi’s activity resume:

1-“Lictor” Book – Maya Publications (in Iran), Supreme Art (in USA), Edilivre (in France), Photo Travel (in Italy), 爱马仕出版 (in China), FlyDreams (in India), Rhino Publishing House (in Norway), BoD(in Sweden), Yeni Isnan Yayinlari (in Turkey)
2- Founder and chief editor of Hermes Magazine
3- Founder of Teachers Against Poverty organization.
4- Translator of Hans Bertens’s “The idea of the postmodern: a history” book (Afraz Publications)
5- Member of the editorial board of Chook Literary Magazine
6- Translator of Douwe Fokkema’s “Literary History, Modernism, and Postmodernism” book (Roozgar Publications)
7- Translator of Chameh magazine
8- Translator of Barge Honar magazine
9- Translator of Bimohaba magazine
10- Translator of Rokhnegar magazine

Some of Mohammad Abedi’s licenses & certifications:

Ancient Masterpieces of World Literature (Harvard University)
Ancient Philosophy: Aristotle and His Successors (University of Pennsylvania)
Moral Foundations of Politics (Yale University)
Effective Altruism (Princeton University)
Philosophy, Science and Religion: Science and Philosophy (The University of Edinburgh)
Modern & Contemporary American Poetry (University of Pennsylvania)
Feminism and Social Justice (University of California, Santa Cruz)
Classical Sociological Theory (University of Amsterdam)
Skepticism (University of California, Irvine)
University Teaching (The University of Hong Kong)
Reason and Persuasion: Thinking Through Three Dialogues by Plato (National University of Singapore)

My Filmography

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  • Script Howl A famous theater actor wakes up the night before a performance and realizes that he has no face.

My Award

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