Mikael Palm

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Mikael Palm

/ Director

Born August, 1987

My Story

Mikael Palm is a new Swedish filmmaker and this film, Flight Animal is really his first film which he has produced and directed. When most filmmakers sets out to start with a short, Mikael decided to go the whole way right from the get go. He had worked as a theatre director for years when he decided to switch to filmmaking because he dreamed of the immense potential of pure cinema. Mikael wrote several scripts, the last of which is this film,his debut feature “Flight animal”.

Director Statement

I felt a strong desire to convey my transformative experience at a silent retreat in the Norwegian mountains. I knew it could only be captured through pure cinema. I wanted to recreate my encounters in a powerful narrative where visuals, gazes, sound design, and silence would drive the story forward rather than dialogue. Additionally, I wanted to explore the existential issues that can exist within relationships and how life-altering events impact the self.

My Filmography

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  • January 1, 2024 Flight Animal Flight Animals is an existential Swedish full length feature film in the classic Bergman style, about a couple who participate in a silence retreat as a last attempt to save their crumbling relationship. We follow estate owner Karl and his pregnant girlfriend Nathalie during silent meditation, where the boundary between fantasy and reality slowly dissolves. Could this new form of communication force the couple to confront each other anew?

My Award

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