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Michelle C McGhan

/ Director

Born February, 1996

My Story

Michelle C. McGhan, better known as Mitchy, hails from the epicenter of Berkeley, California to a Korean mother and an American father. Mitchy has received her Bachelor’s of Arts from Columbia College Chicago in Cinema Art + Science.

Mitchy is a Los Angeles based director and producer. She has co-directed a short film, Among the Hidden. Her most notable producing work, sponsored by AdamandEve, “Her First Time”, has over twenty-three million views on YouTube. Mitchy has co-written and co-created a sex positive web series, “Hot Summer Daze” which has over five million views and is executive produced by Erika Lust.

Director Statement

“Jeong” artfully tells the story about two teens and their relationship towards one another in the midst of being trafficked for forced labor. I chose to write and direct this film because not only do I believe that there needs to be more awareness about human trafficking, I am passionate about showcasing real, human connection that speaks more than our American view point of friendship.

This film, being about North Koreans and the Eastern world, emphasizes the importance of relying on one another and the importance of community. As Mi-Sun’s mother dies, she holds on the idea of freedom which creates a tension between Yoo-Jin because their differences of what they consider “living” are different. This is a battle that we, as people, constantly question, “are we truly living or just surviving”.

This is a deeply personal experience for me; although I was never a victim of trafficking, their relationship shown here are much of the relationships I have had with my friends. Being Korean-American, this was incredibly important to me to reconnect with my culture and learn more about the world surrounding the Koreas. Creating a foreign language film has helped mend relationships, reconnect with my culture, and allowed me to have a pathway to understanding the Asian’s viewpoints of relationship.

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