Meng-Che Yang

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Meng-Che Yang

/ Director

Born 1958

My Story

[Personal Data Born]:
1958 Place: I-Lan, Taiwan

1989 MA in Educaton, National Tokyo Gakugei University, Tokyo, Japan
1986 BA in Photography, Osaka University, of Arts , Japan

Aug, 1990-Present Instructor of Fine Arts, National Taipei Normal College

1988 Award of APA Prize, Japan Adversitising Photographers’ Association
1986 The Award of Encouragement Prize, Japan New Arts Association
1985 JPS Award, Japan Professional Photographers’ Society
1985 Yone Yama Prize, Rotary Club, Japan

1994 “‘Golden Boy”‘,
Fukuoka Municipal Art Gallery, Japan
Hong Kong Art Center, Hong Kong
Eslite Vision, Taipei, Taiwan

“‘Exotic Sensation”,
DOI Photo Plaza, Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan
Taiwan Provinicial Art Gallery, Taichung, Taiwan
Tainan Cultural Center, Tainan, Taiwan
Taipei Municipal Art Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan

1987 ‘Frozen Eternity’,
The Art Gallery, National Tokyo Gakugei University
Shen-Lai Art Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan
Taichung Cultural Center, Taichung, Taiwan
Tainan Cultural Center, Tainan, Taiwan
I-Lan Cultural Center, I-Lan, Taiwan
Japan Camera Feb issue

Director Statement

Professor Yang, Meng-Che based on the exploration of the historical truth of the Taiwanese soldiers in the Japanese Army who were sent to Siberia for labor reform after the defeat of the Japanese Empire for many years.
Professor Yang, out of his curiosity about this obscure history and in the spirit of academic research, He went to Siberia many times at his own expense, and visited all the places where Taiwanese soldiers were sent to labor camps, such as Vladivostok, Khabarovsk, Irkutsk, Chita, and Nakhodka.
Through a referral, he found Mr. Lai, Xing-Yang, a Taiwanese soldier served in the Japanese army who was taken captive to Siberia for labor reform. He was also the only survivor among the 9 Taiwanese soldiers who were investigated at that time.
Professor Yang and Mr. Lai finally had the opportunity to tell the story that had been kept in his mind for many years. Mr. Lai’s special life experience can finally be heard by people all around the world.

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