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Mark Lund founded International Figure Skating magazine in 1993, growing it into the world’s largest figure skating magazine and Ashton International Media into an enterprise with six magazines. He authored the book “Frozen Assets: The New Order of Figure Skating” in 2002. Since 1994, Lund has been a figure skating analyst for various TV and media outlets, making over 220 appearances during the 2002 Winter Olympics on networks like CNN, ABC, CBS, and others. He served as a judge on FOX’s “Skating with Celebrities” in 2006. Lund founded the contemporary newsmagazine Scene and produced direct-response TV commercials, events, and video projects for major networks. In 2006, he wrote the screenplay “First World,” a sci-fi feature and a 25-minute short film version, which screened at conventions worldwide and was released on Amazon and Hulu in 2009. In 2010, he wrote “Justice Is Mind” based on thought-identification technology and neurolaw. In 2011, his eBook “First World: Covenant,” a prequel novella, was published. Lund produced and directed the short film “Evidence” based on “Justice Is Mind.” The feature-length version premiered in 2013 and received critical acclaim, ranking highly on IMDb. In 2019, he completed filming “First Signal,” a prequel to “First World,” which premiered in 2021 and garnered significant recognition at film festivals. Lund is developing other projects, including sequels to “Justice Is Mind” and “First Signal” and a political thriller titled “SOS United States.” To learn more, please visit

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First Launch is the sequel to the feature film First Signal which was released in 2021 ( The genesis of the “First World Universe” revolves around what the Apollo missions first discovered on the Moon in July 1969 and then subsequently on Earth.

I have always been a science fiction enthusiast, with some of my favorites in the genre having been produced in the 1950s (War of the Worlds), 60s (2001/The Time Machine), and 70s (Andromeda Strain). As a strong proponent of the space program, I was looking to create a story that married science fact with science fiction.

Although I wrote First Launch the year that First Signal was released, the story seems more contemporary and relevant with the countless media reports and Congressional hearings from 2023 surrounding the mysteries and relative facts of UFOs and UAPs (Unidentified Aerial Phenomena).

What I endeavored to accomplish with First Launch is to see what happens to all the characters and story arcs after they leave the underground bunker in First Signal. I aimed to present a continuation from all sides and the myriad of complications when their goals and ambitions clash.

Another aspect of this story the reader may find interesting is the joining of historical events within a fictional world. While it was the Nixon Administration that ended the Apollo missions for the Space Shuttle program, First Launch perhaps offers another reason for the cancellation of that program.

But through the entertaining aspects of the story, we are reminded that the horrors of history can easily repeat themselves when Major Ellen Sampson finds herself at the Pentagon in a “WWII Wannsee-style” conference on just how the military plans to identify, remove, and detain an alien presence on Earth.

First Launch, like First Signal, is a character-driven science fiction story. In First Signal the question was answered that we are not alone in the universe. In First Launch we ask, now that we know, what will we do?

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