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Born November, 1980

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Film Director and Actor Mani Nasry’s Journey to success!

Mani Nasry is an exceptionally talented actor and filmmaker and artist with a sophisticated breadth of education, skills, experience, and professional accomplishments. He trained as an actor, producer, and director in New York, Los Angeles, and Toronto, with great hopes to see his career blossom to the highest level. Mani has enjoyed great success in Feature & Short Films as he has appeared in dozens of acclaimed projects, ranging from mainstream Hollywood fares such as The Glow, Covert Affairs, The L.A. Complex, and Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium to acclaimed independent projects such as Galaxy Donuts, The Babysitter, In The Pin We Trust and 482-LOVE. Throughout his career, Mani has won and been nominated for numerous awards based on feature films which helped him pave his way into the industry. Awards ranging from, Best Performance By An Actor In a Leading Role, to a nomination for Best International Actor with his newest feature film We.

“My aim in life is like everyone else and that’s to find love and happiness,” said Mani Nasry, Actor, producer, and director. “For me finding love and happiness in what you do is the main focus, I find love and am happy within the film industry and that’s why I strive to accomplish more.”

As an actor he trained in New York at H.B Studio, Stella Adler Studio of Acting, Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute and at the Actors Studio in New York founded by Elia Kazan, now operated by Al Pacino & Ellen Burstyn. He spent 2 years working with various acting teacher in L.A such as Sharon Chatten, Eric Morris, and Allan Miller.

For Mani, the decision to work in the film industry guided his academic decisions from an early age. He attended a Toronto high school renowned for excellence in the arts and was accepted into one of the highly competitive film program at Ryerson University. Notably, he went to Ryerson with an already well-established career in theatre, film, television and commercial work, and a range of multi-faceted achievements including producing, cinematography, casting, writing, directing, acting, and editing. On his own, he added stints in New York and Los Angeles with leading acting teachers, as well as learning the grace and style of many forms of dance and athletics. With courses perceptively, he has also recognized the importance of acquiring an understanding of the business side of the industry, and the varied aspects of technology and production.

Mani was raised and groomed in Canada, his mindset and lifestyle have always been different, which gave him a strive to do better and work harder. He worked with many acting and film teachers to polish his film skills, it was in high school where he found a deeper interest in film that led him to New York and Los Angeles. The journey to where Mani Nasry is today was not easy, with that, he has channeled it in everything he does to this day. Besides his current acting, producing and directing career, Mani Nasry played various challenging roles in various short films at colleges and universities such as Sheridan, Humber, York University and earned a bachelor’s degree of Fine Arts at Ryerson University. Nasry made a life-changing decision to travel to New York on his own at 19 years old to follow his dreams, in 2002 he gained his ACTRA. Upon polishing his skills, Nasry landed his first major role, a $5 million film called The Glow with well-known actors Dean Cain and Portia De Ross.

He currently completed his first feature film called We, which took over 5 years to make. The film follows Ethan, a man with big ambitions and an even bigger heart as he searches for love in the years following the death of his parents. Mani brought authenticity and life to the leading character of Ethan. He not only acted in it but also directed and produced the film. He imbued a character with layers and complexities that allowed for the audience to empathize with him and root for him. The film was fully improvised on a 200-page script. Mani is a master improviser, working with uncertainties and inherent risk to create a fresh and invigorating performance not only from himself but helping all actors accomplish the same results, the work electrified the entire production.

His first feature film we has joined the international film festival circuit and has provided to be a bona fide success. The film has been selected to screen as an official selection at several highly distinguished festivals including the Indian Cine Film Festival, where it won Best Feature Film, and The Desert Edge Global Film Festival recently granted Nasry the Best Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role Award for We.

Director Statement

2019 AltFF Alternative Film Festival

Best Director – Mani Nasry

Nominated – Best Drama- Mani Nasry

Nominated – Best Poster – Juliusz Wojciechowski

2019 Hollywood North Film Awards

Won: Best Sound Design – Steph Carrier

Nominated: Best Screenplay – Alejandro Leopardi

Nominated: Best Performance – Mani Nasry

Nominated: Best Cinematography: Bai Zhou & L. Apu Rozario

Won: Best Original Score: Martin Phipps

Won: Best Makeup & Hairstyling- Daniela Gonzalez (make up artist), Bill Angst (hairstylist)

Won: Best Production Design – Mani Nasry

Won: Best Canadian Feature – Mani Nasry

Won: Best Editing – Robert Jackson

Won: Best Supporting Performer – Shiva Negar

2019 Indian World Film Festival

Won: Certificate of Excellence – Mani Nasry

Won: Best Screenplay – Alejandro Leopardi

2019 Jehlum Short & Long Film Festival

Nominated: Best Feature Film

2019 Milestone Worldwide Film Festival

Won, Best Indie Film – Mani Nasry

Desert Edge Global Film Festival

Won: Festival Prize – Best Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role – Mani Nasry

Indian Cine Film Festival

Won: Award Of Excellence- Best Feature Film- Mani Nasry

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