Maliheh Hasani Hematabadi

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Maliheh Hasani Hematabadi

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Malihe Hasani Hamtabadi is an Iranian filmmaker who was born on 20/8/1358 in one of the villages of Sari city of Mazandaran state. After graduating from high school, she studied graphics and after working in this field for a few years, she joined the Young Journalists Club of center of Mazandaran . and after completing training courses, she worked as a reporter for that group for a few years. After that, due to her great interest in filmmaking, she studied directing.She has written, produced and directed various films in the field of fiction, documentary and animation. But due to her great interest in documentary films, in recent years she has focused on the production of this type of film and most of her works are in this field.

Director of Fiction Films:
Moment of Expectation and tea 2015

Director of Documentary Films:
Holilan 2014
as wide as the sky1394 ،
hamoon 2021

Producer and Director of Short Fiction Films:
An Hour for An Appointment 2014
My Breath is for you 2017
Song of Devil 2015

Producer and Director of Documentary Films:
Metcazin, 2020
Flight, 2019
Homeland 2021

Documentary Film:
Above The Sky 2015

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