Lulu Chiang

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Lulu Chiang

/ Director

Born May, 2004

My Story

Lulu Chiang, a 17 years old high school filmmaker from Taiwan.

My Filmography

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  • May 19, 2021 Ruby After the news of her mom’s passing, Ruby, a millenial photographer, visits her hometown of Taipei during Lunar New Year. Forced to quarantine, Ruby must familiarize herself with the space in which her mom once lived. She examines the framed pictures, and reminisces about childhood and her relationship with her family. Through the items in the room, she tries to understand what her mother went through when Ruby left home five years earlier. After setting up the shrine table, she tries to use it as a gateway to tell her mother about her current life, her regrets, and reflect upon their lost relationship after the death of her older brother, Sky. After going through her mother’s belongings, Ruby learns the truth of her mom’s degrading mental health and discovers how she actually did care for Ruby, and how much she and Sky were missed.

My Award

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