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Lindsey Haun

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My Story

Lindsey is a gold-record winning singer/songwriter, an actor and horror icon (Village of the Damned, Trueblood, Shrooms), and a director of several award-winning short films and music videos. She is repped by Bohemia Group. Nick is a former middle-school substitute Latin teacher and current film and television writer who most recently wrote on ABC sitcom American Housewife. He is repped by Zero Gravity.

Director Statement

Hanky Panky was inspired by our two greatest love affairs: (1) with the film genre you might call “Blood and Puppets,” and (2) with the way certain zany comedies like Wet Hot American Summer and Caddyshack seemed to capture the energy of locking their whole cast and crew together in, say, a summer camp, or a coke-orgy fueled hotel in the middle of a Florida hurricane with Chevy Chase — and then somehow get that energy on screen.

We shot Hanky Panky in Lindsey’s dad’s cabin in the mountains above Heber, Utah, where the entire cast and crew crammed together, at 8,000ft of elevation, during the most intense blizzard ever recorded there.

It was a true anarcho-communist-guerilla production: literally no budget, nobody got paid, everyone chipped in for food and drugs, and we all cooperatively own the film now. We shot it on a camera our team won with a short film at Slamdance in 2015. A friend who shoots porn let us borrow his lights. By far our biggest expense was that Lindsey backed her car into Nick’s in the blizzard and knocked out a headlight, so that did cost us like $900 to fix.

It was crazy. Everyone went a little bit crazy. Some of us went a lot a bit crazy. It’s our hope that a bunch of that fun, contagious craziness has ended up on the screen.

My Filmography

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  • August 1, 2023 Hanky Panky A man and his best friend who is a talking napkin must save the world from an evil tophat, and also learn to love.

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