Kelvin Zhu

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Kelvin Zhu

/ Director

Born October, 1996
Rresidence U.S.

My Story

Kelvin Zhu is a media-based visual artist, who practices in film, photography, sound, and installation. He was born and raised in Shanghai, China for 14 years, and moved to Vancouver in 2011 to continue his study. He was interested in arts from a young age. He played French horn for years and perform in a local orchestra band in West Vancouver. Later, he found his passion for visual arts, film, and photography. He went to Emily Carr University majored in Integrated film and media graduate in May 2019. Kelvin has a comprehensive understanding of the different medium and constantly push the boundaries of the film by a special sound effect, innovative colour tone, graphic and narrative structure in his work.

Director Statement

The project can be subdivided into three-act: The gaze of the actor in film, entering the other side of the work and self-exploration. The wall panel represents ‘the fourth wall,’ a term frequently used in the film, it is ‘an invisible, imagined wall separates actors from the audience(Bell,203.)’ This installation, conveys a different message; it suggests the idea of breaking ‘the fourth wall.’ The interactive element of the wall panel, the sound and the visual language of the film, altogether creates an illusion of space, creating an experience between the story and audience. The videos show the contrast between the inner/ outside world of the individual. the work extends the concept of the human gaze as it manipulates the audience’s perception of spacing and interpretation of art.

In this project, I wish to challenge the perception of the audience. I explore the design of sound effect; experiment with innovative color tone and font in the film. I constantly explore the boundary of theatrical experience. This work allows me to explore this possibility and it inspires me to further articulate my practices.

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