Ke Liu

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Ke Liu

/ Director

Born February, 2001

My Story

Liu Ke, a current media studies major undergraduate, developed a deep-seated passion for storytelling and the visual arts from a tender age. Despite not being a professional filmmaker, her deep interest in documentary drives her to explore and challenge traditional boundaries of the documentary genre and filmmaking process. Motivated by her multi-cultural background, Liu’s filmmaking journey represents the intersection of her passion for the moving image, keen observations of life, and a ceaseless cultural curiosity. Dedicated to shed light on the core yet often buried experiences of the human race, Liu continues to create thought-provoking and powerful works.

My Filmography

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  • July 20, 2023 Bathed in Love In this poignant and introspective short experimental documentary, Liu seeks to connect with the past and uncover family memories through a phone call with her mother. The phone call is accompanied by a compilation of footage shot by the mother and family members during the days of her grandfather's funeral in their hometown, Mu Ai, which translates to "Bathed in Love." Having received the footage in 2022, Liu embarks on a journey to piece together the layered images of this funeral, which she did not attend at the age of six. As the film unfolds, Liu delves into memories of her grandfather and his final days, offering no explanation yet a chance of contemplation. The documentary becomes a memorial not only to Liu's grandfather but also to the rich traditions, people, and rituals tied to the village and its unique way of confronting mortality.

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